Motes On A Weekend

Attended the Thomas Rhett concert this weekend. Wow, it’s been a while since we went to such an event. It was sold out, it was high energy, and it was LOUD. “Opening” act was literally Rhetts’ daddy, Rhett Akins. A prolific songwriter and performer in his own right, Akins did a fine acoustic performance. When Thomas opened, the bass shook the risers and rattled my spine, but all in all a really good show.


( Above : Thomas Rhett and his dad Rhett Atkins.)

Even had a chance to renew my acquaintance with Dita Holifield. During my days with KDEO radio I had the chance to work with Dita and knew her to be an all out professional. It was nice to see her again.

Barbara Striesand wants to know why “our country” can’t enact a gun ban as fast as New Zealand did.    Babs, it’s called the “Constitution” and the “bill of Rights”. You do remember those ?  Or maybe “our” country should only have what you want?

No Collusion. No Conspiracy. No end.


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