Drifting Motes

A sad good-bye to Arlen Ness, 79, bike builder and parts designer. His custom bikes and parts were the standard everyone else’ were judged by. I had the opportunity to meet Arlen and his son many years ago at a local bike run and show. He seemed to be a warm open guy who loved bikes, bikers, and life in general. He was always ready for a joke or a story and would tell his own right back at you. He will be missed.

I think it was the same run I had to chance to introduce Ken Onion to the late “Indian Larry”. Since all of Larry’s crew were carrying K.O. designed knives it was an afternoon of conversation and sharp tales.

Let’s all be proud of our Hawaii politicritters for voting “present” on the recent “New Green Deal”.  We got a lot of problems, and they will never be cured by “present”.

And the Ninth Circuit Court who’s recent ruling allows illegal aliens to sue law enforcement for enforcing federal laws, and prevents victims of illegal alien acts from sueing “sanctuary cities”.  (Insert big cheer here.)


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