Motes At The Begining

And not the last: A top Russian defense official has died after reportedly plunging out of the 16th-floor window of a high-rise in St. Petersburg — the latest in a string of “untimely” deaths among prominent officials and allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Marina Yankina, 58, the head of the financial support department for the Russian Defense Ministry’s Western Military District, was found dead on Wednesday outside of the St. Petersburg, Russia, building. The latest of a long line of officials, Generals, Putin critics, and petroleum officials to die under questionable deaths.

Athletic response: Mayor Pete, the “Secretary of Transportation” is getting a real work out over the Ohio train derailment. He’s dodging questions, running away from the people, and skipping meetings. This crap will affect the people, their children, and their children’s children for the next 100 years. And the “controlled burn” doesn’t seem to have been the wrong decision. Where the heck is Greta? How about the legendary Viet Nam veteran John Kerry? Hell, where’s Uncle Joe? Oh, and it’s Trump’s fault.

Gotta love karma:  Authorities say a man who was allegedly attempting to steal a catalytic converter died on Tuesday after a driver reportedly backed over him, according to reports. Tuesday in the 39000 block of 10th Street West, a man left a parked car and allegedly “crawled under” a nearby Ford Excursion. Authorities say the driver of the SUV was asleep inside the vehicle at the time until the sound of sawing roused her from her sleep, turned her vehicle on, put it in reverse, heard a thump and stopped the vehicle, and then saw that there was a suspect underneath the car that had been run over by her car. I guess nobody told him how dangerous catalytic theft can be.

Move on, nothing to see: On Thursday morning, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office announced new charges against city councilman Shakir Khan who was already facing criminal charges, that are related to the 2020 election. Khan was accused of using fraud to obtain his city council seat. Police found numerous sealed and completed ballots when the searched his home on unrelated charges. Police also found nearly 70 names registered to Shakir Khan’s house, email or phone number. But there was NO FRAUD in the elections.

That was awesome: Remember when Uncle Joe shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline, loosing 65,ooo jobs and careers, with the first48 hrs of his regime because transporting chemicals by train was “safe and effective” and it as the pipeline that was supposed to be environmentally unfriendly? That was awesome.

Why yes, it did rain this weekend. Why do you ask?

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