Tuesday, The New Monday, Motes

No real surprise: Raquel Evita Saraswati, a Muslim activist who for years has encouraged people to believe that she is a woman of color, including Latina as well as of South Asian and Arab descent, is the AFSC’s chief equity, inclusion, and culture officer, a senior position that gives her access to the files of dozens of the organization’s staff and volunteers. Saraswati, who was born Rachel Elizabeth Seidel, is not a person of color, according to her mother, Carol Perone. Perone told The Intercept, when reached by telephone. “I don’t know why she’s doing what she’s doing.” Saraswati, her mother added, is of British, German, and Italian descent — not Latina, South Asian, or Arab. “I’m as white as the driven snow and so is she,” added Perone . Oskar Pierre Castro, a human resources professional who participated in the search committee to fill Sarawati’s position, told The Intercept that she had presented herself as a ““queer, Muslim, multiethnic woman.” OH, a note, the AFSC is a “Quaker” organization.

Public beautification: A Los Angeles man, Craig Ledbetter (33), has been placed into custody after reports came in from all over Downtown Los Angeles that a man had been seen running up to other men and cutting off their “Man Buns”. Dozen of men filled the police station to press charges after their Top-Knots or Man Buns were removed by Ledbetter. County district attorneys will decide how to move forward. Bad news for Craig is that word has it they are planning on making an example of him, “You cannot assault an Angelino and not have consequences. Literally dozen’s of mens lives have forever been altered negatively. Years of therapy and hair regrowth is in the future for all of this man’s victims. Our hope is to thwart the aspirations of the next terrorist waiting for their turn, by making an example of Craig Ledbetter.” Oh give me a freakin’ break. You can shoot someone down on the sidewalk in front of Parker Center and be out of jail before the cop finishes the paperwork. But cut somebody’s hair. He ought to be given a letter of appreciation for public service and beautification.

Sad news: Actor Tom Sizemore has been hospitalized after suffering a medical crisis. A representative for Sizemore, told TODAY.com in a statement via email that the 61-year-old actor has been hospitalized and is currently in the intensive care unit following a brain aneurysm. Sizemore has long been a favorite actor of mine. He has a unique look and talent. I hope for the very best for he and his family.

WAKE UP: In recent months we’ve seen massive attacks on food production (poultry-beef-pork plants “exploding”), farming (China has purchased hundreds of thousands of acres of American farmland), the power grid ( NC, Oregon, Washington, Oakland), and now a water source for over 5 MILLION people (Ohio). This is how you cripple a country during a WAR. If you can’t see this for what they are really doing, you never will. And we are doomed.

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