Motes, Why Not

Ok, the good news is Trump is running in 2024. The bad news is Trump is running in 2024. It will get ugly, devisive, and the democrats will decide and try to conquer. Until there are changes in the voting system itself, nothing will change. We saw that in mid-terms.

RIP Gallagher, he was original, creative, and funny. The table of Hero’s are laughing with him.

More and more information about the fbi informers, snitches, and out right provocateurs at the Jan 6. Appears they were working the whole thing months ahead of time. Bikers, and other targets groups should remember: The guy that’s always talking about “doing the thing” the most, is usually the informant.

Read some writer saying he wasn’t going to watch Yellowstone anymore because it was just like Sons of Anarchy. Hate to bring it up, but SoA was just Hamlet. And am I the only one that can see “Carter”growing up to be Tates” Rip? I can see that 15 years down the road.

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