Geez, used to be a cigarette and a cup of coffee to start the day. Now it’s a vape and a can of energy drink.

Speaking of things disappearing, how about the MR Pelosi case. Suddenly everything is locked down and “classified”. Hum mmm

Anybody remember the Waukesha Parade? You remember, that’s the one Darrell Brooks drove his car through the parade? Oh, you don’t even remember Darrell? He was a black man that killed 6 people and injuries dozens. He’s got 6 life sentences. Consecutive. Bye.

Talk about determined, a Russian Office has committed suicide, by locking himself in his office and shooting himself 5 times with 4 different Makarov pistols. Or so it’s being reported.

Oaky, got a new laptop so hopefully Motes will become regular. I’m kinda getting used to this retirement thing, I just didn’t realize how much work not working was going to be. Slowly but surely getting the “Big Job List” whittled down. I’ll add a little more eah mote. Don’t have my saturday stories downloaded yet but working on it.

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