Friday Motes, And Frankly I don’t Give A……………..

Very thinly veiled: Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) (among others) has predicted that the effects would be disastrous if Republicans were to win control of Congress in November, claiming that anything from “violence” to “civil war” was possible. So, if “the country” decides it doesn’t like the direction the demorats are taking, and vote for republicants, there will be war. So, the country better vote demo or else. Humm, sounds like;  co·er·cion /kōˈərZHən,kōˈərSHən/  noun;  the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

Charley can spell hypocrisy: He’s made a career out of playing drunken, womanizing, drug using characters. Got fired from a hugely popular sitcom by going on a road binge and talking about drinking “tiger’s blood”. He then decided to take the whole thing on the road by going on “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not An Option Show” tour. But when his daughter decides to join “adult entertainment” FansOnly, it’s the ex-wife’s fault.

How quickly they want you to forget: (From Tuesday was 6/14, a day that should live in infamy. This is the day that American democracy took a barbaric hit, when – five years ago on June 14, 2017 – the Democrat Party’s dangerous, violent rhetoric incited one of its members to attempt, and almost succeed in carrying out, the largest-scale political assassination in our nation’s history. On June 14, 2017, a Democrat tried to murder dozens of Republican Congressmen as they innocently gathered to play baseball at a field just outside the nation’s capital. The Democrat insurrectionist succeeded in seriously injuring Rep. Steve Scalise and three others, including two police officers, before brave law enforcement officials stopped him and saved the rule of law. This June 14 commemorates the five-year anniversary of the “Congressional Baseball Massacre” — an actual domestic terror attack carried out by a Democrat. There were no moments of silence, no senators kneeling, no “deep investigations”, or blue-ribbon committee hearings. There was only, silence.

Something to watch: Watched the first episode of Dark Winds. Wow. I have long been a fan of Tony Hillerman’s novels and enjoyed the several prior movies made based on them. I have really enjoyed the acting of Zahn McClarnon in the “Longmire” series, but in Dark Winds he is just incredible. The stunning outdoor visuals add a sense of dark reality, being filmed in Monument Valley and throughout the Navajo Reservation. With an all-native American writing team, and Hillerman’s stories to work from, if given a chance this will be a great series. And I’m also looking forward to the new Jeff Bridges show “The Old Man”, ‘cause, well,  I are one.

I have questions: President Joe Biden announced Wednesday he would consider using his “emergency war powers” to increase gas production in a letter to oil companies. Biden appears willing to further vilify oil companies as responsible for record-high gas prices, despite his administration’s refusal to approve permits and leases for oil drilling on public lands. The president’s letter blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin and “Putin’s price hike” for record-high gas prices in the United States, ignoring the fact that gas prices have doubled since he became president. Can somebody please tell me what “war”? The only war America is in right now, is against itself. So just what “war powers” will Uncle Joe invoke?

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