Thursday Motes, Already?

That’s why they do to school so long: The Supreme Court in Washington State has declared that, if you’re a minority, it is no longer a criminal act to make a false or misleading statement to a police officer. Sadly, if you’re White, the law does not extend that “get out of jail card” to you. It will be interesting, should a White person in Washington state be convicted of making a false statement to the police, to see whether the decision ends up before the United States Supreme Court. What if the White person lies and claims to be a brown/other color? Then lies about whatever the cop is asking about. Does the first lie verify the second or is only the second lie acceptable or does the first lie invalidate all following lies? Sure glad I ain’t a lawyer in Washington.

Not Justice: In November 2018, two Latino Marine Corps Reservists were attacked, maced and robbed in Philadelphia on Saturday by a mob of male and female protesters who called the Marines “Nazis” and “White Supremacists”, according to police. It was reported the Marines were attacked blocks away from the rally by protesters who punched, kicked and maced them and stole a cellphone from one Marine. DC Antifa leader Joseph Alcoff, Thomas Massey and Tom Keenan were all charged with felonies in 2019. Prosecutors in Krasner’s office handled this case and all three men pleaded to low-level misdemeanors. All three Antifa members who beat the Latino Marines will face no jail time thanks to Soros-backed Philly DA Larry Krasner.

Something to think about: For decades, commercial airline travel has gotten progressively safer. But one cause of deaths has stubbornly persisted: pilots who intentionally crash in murder-suicides. Preliminary evidence suggests the crash of a China Eastern Airlines Corp. jet in March may be the latest such tragedy. If confirmed, that would make it the fourth since 2013, bringing deaths in those crashes to 554. While intentional acts traditionally aren’t included in air-crash statistics, they would be the second-largest category of deaths worldwide if they were. And I fly every other weekend. Ohh, man. I need to quit looking this stuff up.

Their rules: A popular tactic for the left is to “dox” someone. That is put their home address, telephone number, child’s school, and other personal information out in public. For many in the neo-Nazi and extreme-right communities, few punishments carry as much weight as being identified and held accountable for their racist activism. Recently 31 members of the “Patriot Front” were arrested and their pictures made public. So, playing by “their rules” the private information on the arresting officers has been made public. Several neo-Nazi and white supremacist accounts shared addresses and phone numbers they’ve found online associated with Coeur d’Alene police officers. A few have posted about how they’ve called the numbers and found them disconnected. Other accounts on Telegram have posted that they’re giving the police and sheriff’s offices bad reviews online and calling and leaving rude messages. But this isn’t the same.

It was never meant to be just a game: Jose Arnoldo Amaya was officiating an amateur match in El Salvador when fans and players beat him following a second yellow card being issued to a player. Amaya died from internal bleeding after being taken to a hospital. It’s not clear as of right now whether or not the authorities have taken anyone into custody. An amateur match. Boy, they take their soccer seriously.

And you thought the only had to “Wash Hands Thoroughly” before coming out.

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