Wednesday Motes,(I got nothin’ to add)

Time for tar and feathers: Connecticut – A school nurse was suspended after revealing the school (Richard J Kinsella Magnet School in Hartford), where she worked was secretly giving children puberty blockers behind their parents’ backs. 77-year-old Kathleen Cataford was suspended by Hartford Public Schools this week after she revealed the school secretly put an 11-year-old student on puberty blockers in a public comment on Facebook. The post came to the attention of Hartford School District Officials after the mother of the 11 year-old mentioned saw it, and flagged it to school officials. She confirmed its contents and the context in which the post was made on Tuesday, but did not wish to comment further, citing her child’s privacy.  The tar and feathers is for everybody else involved. I wonder how long the nurse was involved before she came clean. Maybe, at 77, she was looking to retire with a clean soul. And since when does the “school” make medical decisions for students without the parent’s approval or even knowledge? Anybody want to bet there will be no “consequences and repercussions” on the teachers, the principle, and the school board? Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Proof positive there was election fraud: There have been over 11k sworn affidavits alleging voter fraud in numerous state, federal, and municipal courts. Not one person has been charged with “perjury”. These affidavits were sworn to under oath and penalty. Yet not one has been charged. Don’t you think, if there had been no fraud, “they” would be dragging these people into court and getting huge headlines. They aren’t. To me, that is clear evidence they don’t want these stories getting out, being written about, and investigated. Why would that be? Hmmm.

What’s next?: Bambi kissing Thumper? Dumbo boinking Mickey? And Minnie?

Question: According to statistic, 3% of the population is “gay”, 1% is transgender. So, tell me again why 96% of the population has to have this lifestyle shoved down their throat 100% of the time.

He really likes flying: A man on a Southwest Airlines flight from Seattle to Phoenix is facing federal charges for pulling down his pants and masturbating at least four times in front of a female passenger, beginning shortly after takeoff. On a three-hour flight. The witness says he used both hands, alternating each time. She also took pictures, but it seems she didn’t notify the flight attendants until he fell asleep after roughly an hour. Maybe that’s the key to sleeping on a plane. Or maybe not.

Prop me up by the jukebox: Bizarre footage circulating online appears to show mourners raving alongside the rapper Goonew at his funeral. An event titled “The Final Show Goonew” was held at Bliss nightclub in Washington DC on Sunday – weeks after the star, 24, was shot dead. Masked mourners waved their hands and bright lights flashed in the club as another rapper performed on stage. Guess he wasn’t “the life” of the party.

Want to talk about bad Monday’s? First thing Monday morning I step between a thief and the 7-11 front door. During the ensuing couple of seconds he started to beat his head on my hand, jammed my ring finger. About 3 hours latter I sit down to the outside table, not knowing a wasp nest had been built there over the weekend. And ended up getting stung several times. Two of them wasps landed on the first and second fingers which immediately swelled up. Now, the whole hand is messed up. Then I had to “fill” gas and got this…

So how was your Monday?

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