Tuesday Motes, I’m Depressed

Not queens of the world: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should never have “been appointed.” Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar said Thomas “needs to be impeached.” Of course, neither one will specify just what Justice Thomas has or hasn’t done. So says the two women with bachelors Degree’s (1962 and 2011 respectively) in Political Science. Wait, judges aren’t supposed to be “political” are they? Thomas’ main mistake is being a black conservative as well as an excellent Jurist.

Makes ya want to puke: Marcelino Olguin, 63, of Perris, is facing seven counts of committing a lewd and lascivious act on a child after allegedly victimizing two of the 13 Turpin siblings who escaped their parents’ home in 2018, He was a foster father caring for five children who were saved from the California “house of horrors” where they were held captive allegedly molested two of them. Olguin’s 58-year-old wife, Rosa, and his daughter Lennys, 37, are also facing charges of fraud and witness intimidation. The bio-parents, David and Louise Turpin, were arrested after one of their daughters escaped and told authorities she and her siblings ranging in age from 2 to 29 had been starved, kept in squalor and shackled to beds for months at a time in some instances. The couple were later sentenced to life in prison in 2019. There isn’t a hole in hell deep enough for these animals.

Pretty limited field of “expertise”:  Stephanie Howard-Smith, of course she has a hyphenated last name, wrote a 2,000+ word “Slate” article about the dogs of “Bridgeton, Season 2”.  Why? She explains; “My Ph.D. was about lapdogs in 18th-century Britain.” She spent 6 years, at least, studying the dogs that sat on peoples laps 200 years ago. Is there really that much call for that information? Really? So now she sits around and judges tv and movies on the historical accuracy of their dogs. There’s a career I hadn’t thought of. Actually, Ms. Howard-Smith is (surprise) currently an associate lecturer at the University of York (UK). She is a Cultural and Social Historian of Dogs and their Humans.

Destroying the children: Missile strikes, shaking walls and a bloodied corpse, these are just a few of the horrors that 14-year-old Karina Ivashchenko saw over the last month in Mariupol,Ukraine. She was terrified and unsure of what would come as she hid with others in a dark basement. So she started to draw. All of her drawings are comic-style illustrations of herself living through war. She used her art to sort through and write down how she has been feeling, telling Reuters, “This is the image of me.” In one illustration, she’s drawn herself with her head in her hand, saying “I am tired. I feel scared, lonely and sad,” her drawn character says. “I want to go far, far away. I do not sleep at night.” Her drawings can be seen with a google search of her name. No 14 y-o child should have to live in a basement, or be forced share the room for weeks with a dead man. I want her to survive and become the wonderful adult she will be. I hope the gods bless her.

This person, wearing this military style uniform is disgusting. Many men and women sacrificed their lives to earn the right to wear an American military uniform. That this person is called “Admiral” is an insult to all.

“Woman” of the year.

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