It’s Wednesday Mote or Two

Need a few more: Last week saw two things happen of which I approve.. 1) Defense attorney’s asked that the court stop more attendance by “black pastors” i.e. “Rev.” Al Sharpton. His inflammatory rhetoric and race baiting as intimidated and frightened jurors in dozens of trials. None of which, he should have been involved. I have long felt these actions and actors should not get involved in these proceedings. It’s time it was stopped. 2) Two teenagers (16 and 18) have been charged in the death of a child shot by police after the two started a gun fight at a high school football game. Time for them to be held responsible for their actions. Yes, the cops fired the bullet that killed the child. But those shots would not have been taken had not the two started the situation. The two yout’s should, and are, being held responsible.

I really would: I’d like to see a play, or movie, about a night with Sinatra, Martin, Davis, and their friends just sitting around a table, maybe in the backroom of a Vegas Casino, with individual flashbacks and them just telling stories about things they did or were accused of doing. I think that’d be a gas man. A real gas.

Don’t agree: The L.A.P.D., which can barely be called law “enforcement” anymore, has recently come out and basically told the public to “sit back and enjoy” the robbery. They are advising all citizens, potential victims, to go along with the robber. From the website: LAPD recommendations to anyone who becomes a victim of a robbery: 1) Don’t resist — cooperate, comply and be a good witness.2) Immediately dial 911. 3) Write down what you can remember about the crime, including descriptions of the suspect(s) and their vehicle(s). 4) Don’t follow or chase the assailant(s) after a robbery. I predict a huge upsurge in street robberies and home invasions.

Won’t be no country music: Yes, I love “country” music. No, I did not watch the “CMA” Awards. Why? Don’t care. Actually, don’t like most of the music today, country or otherwise.

Nothing nefarious going on here: It’s all a coincidence that 112 young children were given the wrong dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine—one meant for adults—at a Ted Pharmacy in Aldie, Loudoun County, Va. If you think the pharmacy and health officials are concerned about the kids, think again. Another parent whose child was given the incorrect dose said the pharmacy sent her a Facebook message apologizing for the “inconvenience.” I wonder how many of those children have parents complaining about the school board. I hope “Ted Pharmacy” have really good insurance. They’re gonna need it.

Useless headline : “Biden Caught In Another Lie”… That’s getting old already.

Political Prisoner: Yeah, I know there aren’t supposed to be any “political prisoners”. Well, except those that were in Washington DC on Jan6. Oh that’s right, Jeremy Brown is charged with trespassing, a misdemeanor. The judge recently refused to release Jeremy Brown from jail for standing outside the US Capitol. He is being held without bail or trial in Pinellas County Florida. For misdemeanor trespassing. His real crime? He refused to be a snitch for the fbi. Sounds like a political prisoner to me. FBI..KGB..SSD…it all walks like a duck.

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