Tuesday Afternoon Motes

I have frequently commented that it now appears you are guilty until proven innocent. I have been corrected. It is now “guilty until you can afford to prove you’re innocent.” You are absolutely right. I stand corrected.

Wait for that early morning knock: People are saying the fbi raid looking for the Biden daughter’s diary shows there may be some very bad (as in evil) history in the family. We already knew that from the hunter laptop. But it also shows the fbi is no longer even pretending to be a law enforcement branch, it is clearly a democrat gestapo.

Make me puke: Reading the Daily Signal I came upon an article written by a career Army officer. In it he discussed a recent class his son had in school. It was an eighth grade ENGLISH class where the students had to sit and watch a TED talk about how to talk to “trans-genders”. What? It is only by the farthest stretch I can consider this an “English” assignment. Despite repeatedly asking the principal and the head of the district’s director of the English language arts curriculum, just how this applied to the English language, the author did not receive and answer only a lecture on how he should respect others and they were only thinking of the children.  He disagreed and withdrew his son from further LBCRTZVQ lectures. More and more people ae waking up to the subversion that has been going on far too long.

Not a chance: Radio shock-jock Howard Stern believes he would beat former President Donald Trump in a presidential race in 2024. Howie baby, you couldn’t beat Donald Trump in a foot race.

Cause there was nothing else: I was watching some old episodes of “Two and a half men”. Cannot imagine it being made and shown in todays culture. The show premiered in 2003 and did 262 weekly episodes. It was full of misogynistic and frankly sexist comments and situations. In later seasons it suffered from some serious cast changes and deteriorating writing . I’m going to heck for this, but I still think it was hilarious.

Every once in a while: A little girl who lost a special teddy bear she’d had since being adopted from an Ethiopian orphanage thought it was gone forever when she forgot it along a trail in Glacier National Park last year. Thanks to a social media plea, the sharp eyes and soft heart of a park ranger and the closure of a hiking trail because of grizzly bear activity on the same day a family friend visited the park, the teddy bear is back in the arms of 6-year-old Naomi Pascal in Jackson, Wyoming. The bear’s return, which has earned 12,000 likes on the Glacier National Park Facebook page, is a beautiful story that resonates, said Ben Pascal, Naomi’s dad and the senior pastor at the Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole. I agree, it is a wonderful story and every once in a while even I like to smile.  

Sad Good-Bye: It was announced last Thursday  Graeme Edge, the drummer and founding member of prog-rock veterans The Moody Blues, died on Nov. 11 at the age of 80. Nights in White Satin and Tuesday Afternoon being just 2 of their memorable recordings. Remind me to tell you about the week we shipped the bikes to Maui, staying up all night listening to the MB’s, and riding the motorcycles to the summit of Haleakala for the sunrise. He will be missed.

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