Wednesday Motes, Nothing Less

Blame it on the Covid: Hawaii has no real agriculture anymore. There is very little industry. The major income for this state is “tourism”.  So, what does the “state” want to do? Implement a “tourism management” plan. Cut back and put limits on tourism. Riiiggghhht.

It’s possible: I continuously see these inter-net scams originating from Nigeria.  The latest; a high-ranking Nigerian police officer is being investigated by the FBI for allegedly making an arrest at the request of Instagram influencer Ramon Abbas, who has pleaded guilty to money laundering, according to the US Justice Department. Imagine if we could give them, the Nigerians, a good education and a moral compass. They’d rule the world.

Always double check.

Motive is clear: Amanda Knox is claiming the new Matt Damon film “Stillwater” is profiting off her life and her struggle for a wrongful murder conviction. “Stillwater” director Tom McCarthy has said Knox’s case inspired the storyline. Knox, whose case was a media sensation in Italy, spent 4 years in an Italian prison before being fully exonerated. If I remember correctly, it was Knox herself that sought public awareness of her case. So, I guess you can’t make a movie based upon something that happened unless you ask whoever was involved. She just wants a cut of the $$$.

Chicago score card of this weekend; 51 shot, 8 dead.

Classic: “Let’s give everyone who gets the vax a $100.” That’s the “carrot”. Wait until that doesn’t work, they’ll bring out the “stick”. They will start by limiting the unvaxxed in travel, maybe cost them their job, and then they’ll start arresting them. The stick will get progressively hasher and narder. We really don’t want to see what could happen next.

No it’s not: A Coptic Christian church was recently burned to the ground—not in Egypt, where the torching of Coptic churches is not an uncommon occurrence, but in Canada. In the early morning hours of July 19, St. George Coptic Orthodox Church in Surrey, which served 500 families and provided food for the homeless, was set aflame and completely destroyed. The St. George Coptic Orthodox Church was also the target of an attempted arson just last Wednesday, although authorities do not know if the two incidents are connected.” Canada’s leaders couldn’t care less about yet another church burning to the ground. At least 50 other churches, mostly Catholic, a few Anglican, have  also been vandalized or torched in Canada. The prime minister himself, Justin Trudeau, after offering the usual lip service and saying that ongoing church attacks are “unacceptable,” said: “I understand the anger that’s out there … “ In what world is burning a church understandable? Just to point out, not a single mosque has been touched.

Trust the fbi, NEVER: It was just 25 years ago the fbi tried to railroad Richard Jewel for a crime he did not commit. Jewel saved hundreds of lives and was then identified as “a person of interest” and pretty much convicted in the court of public opinion. Even after exoneration, the NYT continued to print “a number of law-enforcement officials have said privately for months that they thought Mr. Jewell had been involved in the bombing”. Jewel died at age 44. Another example of the fbi/doj “just doing” their job.

Gas prices are the same as last week.

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