Tuesday Motes From The Abyss

Many many uses: A mother and father were able to subdue a sex offender with duct tape after they discovered him standing in their 5-year-old daughter’s room. Prior to breaking into their child’s bedroom, the parents saw the man, later identified as 39-year-old registered sex offender Daniel Diaz, creeping around the outside of their home in Grayson, CA. The mother, Martha Zepeda, said in Spanish that, “He was in the living room window trying to peek in and he was grabbing his private parts and just looking around”. The parents heard a crash coming from their 5-year-old daughter’s bedroom, where they discovered Diaz had removed a screen from the window and had crawled into their daughter’s room. The father charged at him, which drove Diaz outside the home where the father was able to restrain him on the ground. The couple then used duct tape to tie up Diaz until authorities arrived. Duct tape, it can fix almost anything. Too bad it can’t….not going there. Remember duct tape cannot solve all your problems, but it will muffle the screams.

Information she’ll never use: Comedian Wanda Sykes  guest-hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live””, had just one screening question for white viewers who were hoping to participate in her “Who Wants To Win A Black Friend?” segment. “One of you is going to get a new BFF ― Black friend forever,” Sykes said. “But before we meet them, I need to know one thing. Where were you January 6, 2021? Anywhere near D.C.?”     Hey Wanda, I don’t care where my friends (black, white, brown, red, and yellow) were at any time. I care about how they treat me, treat our families, and treat each other. When you put restrictions on your “friends”, you put restrictions of your “friendships”.

The rest of the story: A term that keeps getting thrown around lately is “gaslight” or “gaslighting”. Psychologists use the term “gaslighting” to refer to a specific type of manipulation where the manipulator is trying to get someone else (or a group of people) to question their own reality, memory or perceptions. Gaslight comes from a 1940 British film of the same name directed by Thorold Dickinson, a 1944 American psychological thriller film and  Patrick Hamnilton’s ‘s play  (1938). The story follows a young woman whose husband slowly manipulates her into believing that she is descending into insanity. Hence, “don’t believe your lying eyes.” Always treat everything you read or hear as if it is manipulated. It probably is. Example, Democrat Rep. Lauren Underwood (IL), on Thursday, blamed the droves of police officers leaving the force on the low morale and leadership within the department instead of Democrats’ anti-police rhetoric. She doesn’t address the reason for the fact the officers are leaving due to Demo “defund the police” drive. So she wants you to think one way, when the truth is another.

One think: Toyota, the car manufacturer, caved on Thursday as the company announced they would stop sending campaign contributions to Republicans who objected to the electoral college certification in January. In other words, if you don’t think the way “we” want you to think, even if you believe what you say it is the truth, we won’t give you any “campaign contributions”. They further announced that “Toyota is committed to supporting and promoting actions that further our democracy. No, that is NOT  “supporting and promoting actions that further our democracy”. Democracy is where everyone gets to speak, equally. This is putting restrictions on some speech. Oh, just adding, “Toyota Motor Corporation, Japanese Toyota Jidōsha KK, Japanese parent company of the Toyota Group”. Yea, Japan.

Unacceptable: In one nation, over two dozen mostly Catholic but some Anglican churches (no mosques) have been vandalized or torched in recent weeks; and that nation’s leaders are either openly calling for more or shrugging their shoulders. Not Iraq, Syria, or Libya under ISIS but rather Canada. In almost 30 attacks this year, the Canadian .gov has simply paid lip service to “don’t do that”.  The attacks have even been called “understandable”. Huh? Remember when the first mass grave of First Nation children was found, and I said it’ll get worse? It is.

Sunday marked 1 year since I lost my best friend. Navarre came to me a ball of fun filled fur. He always made me happy. He was always happy. Not day goes by I don’t miss him. I’ll see him again at the Rainbow Bridge.

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