Happy Monday Motes

Now they can cancel your credit if you don’t agree with their politics: Capital One has closed a credit card belonging to Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio due to the bank “discovering adverse past or present legal action involving an individual or entity associated with the account.” Tarrio is facing a misdemeanor charge of destruction of property. Capital One sent Tarrio a letter saying they are closing the account that he has had for approximately 12 years — and that there is nothing he can do about it. If they cancel the credit card of everyone ever arrested, they won’t have anyone with a C-One cards. What’s in your wallet? Not a Capital One that’s for damn sure.

On the same subject: Wells Fargo Bank is ending a popular consumer lending product, angering some of its customers. The bank is shutting down all existing personal lines of credit in coming weeks and no longer offers the product, according to customer letters. The revolving credit lines, which typically let users borrow $3,000 to $100,000, were pitched as a way to consolidate higher-interest credit card debt, pay for home renovations or avoid overdraft fees on linked checking accounts.  In 2018, the Fed barred Wells Fargo from growing its balance sheet until it fixes compliance shortcomings revealed by the bank’s fake accounts scandal. The asset cap has ultimately cost the bank billions of dollars in lost earnings. If you use Wells Fargo, get out now. Run away, don’t walk.

Kinda makes me wanta puke: At first glance, Bike Shed Motorcycle Club could be mistaken as Soho House  for motorcyclists.  Nestled under four Victorian railway arches in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood and packed with heavy leather chesterfield sofas, Persian-style carpeting, and miles of exposed brick, the club plays host to bearded bikers who ride in on café racers to sip whisky and, maybe, get a new tattoo or a man-bun trim at the accompanying salons. The archetypically British space glows at night, filled with riders laughing and drinking, the scent of tobacco and leather and motor oil wafting through the air.  Anthony “Dutch” van Someren, the former MTV and Bravo (among other places) executive who in 2011 founded Bike Shed Motorcycle Club with his wife, Vikki van Someren, Virgin Media, and 30 investors. “It’s for people who love motorcycles and people who love people who love motorcycles.”  Now the duo is looking west, opening a second location in Downtown Los Angeles. The van Somerens are planning to open three more as soon as the LA location breaks even, though they haven’t settled on where just yet. This is really for “I’m ritch and I wish I was a tough azz biker” wanta be’s and never will be’s. Just stay in Calipornia will you. Please? I think I’ll replace “kinda” with “absolutely makes me wanta puke”.

A sad Good-Bye: William Smith, the iconic tough-guy actor died Monday at the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills. He was 88. Smith worked steadily throughout the ’60s and ’70s, becoming an obvious choice when casting cult hit biker films such as “Run, Angel, Run!,” “The Losers,” “Angels Die Hard,” “C.C. & Company,” “Chrome and Hot Leather,” “Gentle Savage” and “Eye of the Tiger.” The actor also fought in two of the most memorable brawls in cinematic history, going up against Clint Eastwood in 1980’s “Any Which Way You Can” and Rod Taylor in 1970’s “Darker Than Amber.” Somewhere along the way he mastered and fluently spoke 6 languages. A champion boxer, arm-wrestler, and martial artist, I met Smith while he was in Hawaii filming Hawaii 5-0. We spent time talking motorcycles, firearms, and beer. His talent and his rough voice will be missed.

Not much good:  On January 1, it will be legal for private citizens in Hawaii to own a Taser.It’s one of the laws that emerged from the legislative session and repeals Hawaii’s ban on electric guns for the public ― allowing them for self-defense, defending another person or protecting property. Until the new law goes into effect, only law enforcement in Hawaii can use Tasers and stun guns. Unlike obtaining a gun, buyers won’t need a permit to get a Taser. The last time the state allowed “taser’s”, was back in the early 1980’s and it got upended by the hookers using them to rob customers. Some people are thinking,”Oh goody. I can carry one around with me.” Nope. Hawaii revised statutes say carrying stun guns is covered under HRS 134-51 where it’s a crime to carry deadly weapons in most circumstances. We’ll see how this plays out. My best guess is it will be at “your home or residence” limit. Ther problem is you have to be arms length from the home invader to use it. The only guys armed on the street will still be the crooks.

She’s an adult: Everybody is up in arms over Sha’Carri Richardson and say it’s “ridiculous” she’s not going to the Olympics after testing positive for marijuana. Only thing, she admits she knew it was wrong when she smoked. She knew the rules and accepted her punishment. She accepted “RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER ACTIONS”. That’s what an adult is supposed to do. The rest of them can sdastfu.

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