Over The River Friday Motes

No, today is not a holiday.

Perseverance: Tried to watch NetFlix movie, “Rurouni Kenshin, The Final”. Had to do it in 2 sittings. I can’t get used to a samurai movie where everyone looks like Johnny Depp in drag. Good action sequences but the time jumps where hard to follow.

Let’s get this right: It appears Uncle Joe is going to use the current “violence crisis” to push further gun control legislation. Okay, but why don’t we blame the vehicle manufacturers for all accidents? Why can’t I sue the distillery’s for my alcohol abuse? It’s the same thing. Press spokes-puppet Psaki says, “The President feels a lot — a great deal of the crime we’re seeing is a result of gun violence.” No, it’s a result of the crime problem. Start by taking the criminals off the street and keeping them off. Not, by passing legislation, or “executive actions” and making more American’s criminals.

Asking for ME: Who the hell is Macy Gay? Why does she think her opinion of the US flag is so important? Why does she think the flag is “tattered, dated, divisive and incorrect.” She sure as hell doesn’t speak for me. She says she “shouldn’t have to salute” the current flag. She doesn’t “have” to “salute” the flag, but she cannot disrespect the flag to me. That steps on my “rights” and I will most assuredly respond aggressively. “Equality” doesn’t mean we do things just your way. SDASTFU

Seen this one before: An Ohio pizza delivery driver allegedly shot and killed an attempted armed robber Sunday evening with a concealed carry weapon. Two armed men wearing face masks entered a Papa John’s in New Carlisle in a robbery attempt after 11 p.m. An unidentified pizza delivery employee shot and killed one of the robbers, 21-year-old Gage Melton, with a firearm while the other suspect escaped the scene, according to reports. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office and Tom Hagel, a legal expert, believe the shooting was a justified. Anybody want to bet the guy is fired within the week?

She’sss baaack: No, not Hilary. She never went away. This time it’s Katie Hill, the former Congressmember from California., Now she claims she resigned in October 2019 after it was leaked she was in a relationship with her then ex-husband and a 22-year-old staffer. The leak included “graphic pictures”. Hill underwent a number of scandals in 2019 when she admitted to being in a “throuple” relationship. Let’s get something perfectly clear; it was not the dirty pictures, the three-way relationship or her ex-husband “telling all”. Hill used her position of authority to coerce a female staffer into a sexual relationship. When a man does it it’s called “RAPE”. No Katie, I don’t believe your political “career” is “salvageable”. At least I hope it isn’t.

Could see it coming: Uncle Joe unveiled a bunch of “anti-crime” bills, e-o’s, and demands. Not one, I repeat, NOT ONE, will do anything to stem the tide of violent crimes, but several will make felon’s out of people that don’t do anything wrong except own something that someone else doesn’t like. More Gun laws will do nothing to prevent crime, NOTHING.In fact, in 2019-2020 more people died from shoving foreign objects up their rectums, than died by “assault” weapons. in the U.S.

The path to inner peace in four words; “Not my freakin’ problem”. Staying in Honolulu this weekend. Crap.

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