The Hills Are Alive With Thursday Motes

Can we say hypocrite: New Jersey Police have asked for information about five individuals who kidnapped and assaulted a waitress after she chased them down for skipping out on a $70 tab. Township police reported that the waitress, a 20-year-old who works at the Nifty Fifty’s diner, ran out chasing the group. The waitress tried to stop them, but the group instead pulled her into a white Dodge Durango and drove off. “They pulled her into the vehicle and assaulted her inside the vehicle,” Washington Township Police Chief Patrick Gurcsik said. “The vehicle headed north on Route 42, made a U-turn and was heading south towards Monroe Township, and pushed her out of the vehicle.” The waitress, who remains unnamed, ran back to the diner and called the police. She suffered bruises and a possible concussion. Notice there is no description of the culprits. There is a photo from the surveillance system that clearly shows 5 black males about 25-30 years old. But the Po-Lice don’t want to appear racist, so no description was posted. I guess it’s only important if the culprit is white.

It’s a “fake my own death, move to Mexico, and live off of taco’s and dos Equis” kind of day.

It’s a miracle: The Georgia Star News  reported only a few months ago that Georgia was missing chain of custody documentation on over 350,000 ballots. Then only a week ago it was reported that Fulton County Georgia was missing chain of custody documentation on 18,900 ballots in the county. Richard Barron, Georgia Fulton County Elections Board Director performed a miracle this past week.  He located more than a thousand chain of custody documents for the county that have been missing since the 2020 Election. What a shock.

Coming soon, I hope: A new western movie, a famed bounty hunter, hired to find and return the politically progressive wife of a successful Santa Fe businessman. He is told she has been kidnapped by an African American army deserter, and is being held for ransom in Mexico. When the Bounty Hunter goes south of the border he soon runs across his sworn enemy, an expatriate American professional gambler, sometime outlaw, who Max had tracked down and sent to prison years before. Yeah, I know it sounds like “The Professionals” or “Valdez Is Coming”, but this one has Willem Dafoe as the “gambler”. Oh hell yes I’m seeing this one.

Information you can use: A while back I mentioned John Wayne on my weekend playlist, some people went “??”. In 1973 Wayne made an album named “ America, Why I Love Her”. It consisted of a number of patriotic “poems” performed, by Wayne. It is available from Amazon.

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