Big Wednesday Motes

No, not the 1978 movie with Jan Michael Vincent, William Katt, and Gary Busey, which I love. But just your usual Big Wednesday motes.

Something I do watch: I love pro-wrestling, not a big secret. Having worked in the business I have a lot of respect for the people making their living in the profession. Lately, I have been watching “Vice” “The Dark Side Of Ring”. Wow. There were some stories I was familiar with, but some of them I only heard hints about. Since I only worked in Hawaii, a lot of the East Coast stuff was absolutely stunning. Some of the background stories are just flooring me. If you’re a fan, this show will really surprise you and is really worth the hours watching.

I love words. New phrase for the week; “ the members of the “Chardonnay Antifa”. I love it.

Weekend; Chicago 45 shot, 3 dead. NYC 16 shot, 5 dead.

Does Hawaii have their own version?: Recently AOC received a lot of flaming when she said in order to lessen the prison inmate population, build fewer prisons. Many people found this “stupid beyond words”. In Hawaii, we have a opinionator to comes up with,” Want to cut the price of gas? Work from home.” See, this won’t work. If there are fewer people using gas, the state will loose revenue (taxes etc) so the state will have to rise gas prices in order to make up the short fall. I favor; lowering the price, the lower the price the more people will drive, and by driving more they will buy more gas. Since the lower price will not hurt as much with each fill-up, people will do it more often. Kind of what you lack in price, you make up in volume.  Like .25 cent beer night.

Uncomfortable: Finding out your 87-year-old Dad “needs” a STD test. No not mine, article in the HuffPost.

Something wrong here: A political candidate in Washington once threatened to blow up a school bus full of children, and when the students attempted to flee the potentially deadly situation she called the kids “white cowards.” This is according to court documents. Progressive candidate Ubax Gardheere is now running for the King County Council in the Seattle  area. She labels herself as a community organizer, is the  director of the “Equitable Development Division in Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development”.(Whatever the hell that is.) And is endorsed by some local Democratic officials. In 2010  she boarded a Highline School District bus making its morning rounds and demanded the driver inform his dispatch “that a national security incident was going on,” according to court documents.  When the driver and students told Gardheere to get off the bus, the now-county council candidate told them multiple times that they needed to calm down because she “could” have a “bomb” and “might” have a “gun”. Gardheere was hit with felony charges, including kidnapping, but pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor as part of a pretrial agreement with prosecutors. Her excuse?  She suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her son “three years prior”. And because she pled down to a misdemeanor, she can still hold office. Something wrong here.

No ga report this week. Prices are unchanged from last week $4+ a gallon. How about your place?

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