Humpday Motes For Amusement

A win for the good guys: The Supreme Court on Monday destroyed a lower court decision that held that law enforcement could enter a Rhode Island man’s home and seize his firearms without a warrant after his wife expressed fear that he might harm himself. A lower court had allowed the search, holding that the decision to take the firearms without a warrant fell within the 4th amendment “community caretaking exception.”  A unanimous Supreme Court, held that the lower court’s broad interpretation of the exception “goes beyond anything this Court has recognized.” This is a blow against “red flag” laws. The officers did not inform the wife they would search for weapons and told the court the wife had consented to the search.

Me either: It appears very few people watched this weekend’s Miss Universe pageant or the MTV-Movie and TV awards. Actually, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Both were just chock full of social wokeness and scolding.

The purging continues: Monday there seemed a big huhu on a United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel was fired from his command at Space Force after he gave interviews about his new book in which he said Marxism and critical race theory (CRT) are spreading in the military. Air Force Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, the head of Space Operations Command, fired Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier from his post as commander of 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, Lohmeier criticized the Air Force’s materials he was given to conduct the stand-down on extremism ordered by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to discuss extremism with his troops. Lohmeier said he did not accuse senior leaders of “ill motives” but said, “if we pursue this agenda, it will divide us. It will not unify us.” He said he does not care what political views his troops have, but he opposes senior leaders politicizing the military. Criticize bosses=  Career-OVER.

Chicago 45 shot, at least 5 dead.

I have to count my medical pennies: Uncle Joe has taken $2 billion from Americans’ healthcare programs to help deliver migrant youths and children to their illegal-migrant parents throughout the United States, press reports say. The redirected funds include $850 million that Congress originally allocated to rebuild the nation’s Strategic National Stockpile, the emergency medical reserve strained by the Covid-19 response. Infrastructure? Humanitarian? Cares more about illegal immigrants than Americans? Ding ding ding We have a winner.

Too woke:  Norfolk, police Lieutenant William Kelly was fired after a data breach revealed that Kelly had contributed to help the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse.  On May 7, Kelly’s lawyers filed a due process grievance against the decision to fire him, demanding a full reinstatement, restoration of benefits and seniority, and more. Kelly had been 10 months shy of 20 years with the department. At that point, he could have received retirement savings without a penalty. When he got fired, he also lost health insurance for himself, his wife — who is sick with cancer — and their three kids. I have found that departments are often too fast to fire, and then it takes months or years to get reinstated. Hope he and his family survive this fiasco.

As I’ve been saying: Joe Biden has forgotten who works for whom in America. Citizens don’t work for him. We also don’t answer to him. He’s our employee. Some of his recent statements and actions suggest he’s got the situation backward. They all have it backwards. Maybe he’s just confused. They can’t all be confused, can they? Or maybe the man who is erasing our national borders and politicizing the military was never the “moderate” he claimed to be. If he ever was.

Gas, Honolulu, 5.15.21 What are you paying?

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