Tuesday, New Day, Motes

Not news to them: So much of the world seems oblivious to the madness and terror in Africa. The MSM pretty much ignores Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, and Somalia. The “Guardian” yesterday had a story about a nun working in war-torn Tigray sharing her harrowing testimony of the atrocities taking place. Rape and torture are daily occurrences with girls as young as 7 or 8 to Grandmothers of 70+. Many Grandmothers have outlived their entire families. An old Bruce Willis movie, “Tears Of The Sun” is as accurate a portrayal of what’s happening today, as it was in 2003. And it’s been going on for hundreds of years. BAWA

How stupid are you: The New York City police are looking for the group of men who are believed to have attacked at least four different people – slashing three of them – during a 12-minute violence spree on Friday morning in the Big Apple’s subway. The suspects then allegedly moved on to another 44-year-old man, who, was slashed in the back of the head, cops said. Another person went to police in the Bronx around 5 a.m. to report that he was also confronted by three men who stabbed him in the eye and slashed him in the neck The terrifying string of attacks highlights what city transportation officials are calling a need for more uniformed police officers in the subway system, despite how Mayor de Blasio has pushed the idea that the prevalence of crime will decrease with the increased presence of riders as coronavirus pandemic restrictions begin to lift. The mayor (lower case on purpose) says to defund the police, and urges everyone to have a “travel buddy”. That way they don’t have to look too hard for victims. The title here is a rhetorical question, not a challenge.

 Rewarding the wrong actions: A week after a ransomware attack shut down Colonial Pipeline halting fuel distribution on the East Coast, the company paid a reported $5 million dollar ransom to regain control of their systems and resume operations. The payoff may lead to future ransomware attacks. “May”? Ya think.  Paying the “ransom” only encourages future attacks. You figure out a work-around, then you find and punish the attackers. Whoever and wherever. Swiftly and harshly. Publicly. End of attacks.

Hey man, it’s not my fault: British royal kicked off a recent interview by telling off comedian and mixed martial arts color commentator Joe Rogan for recent comments questioning the value of coronavirus vaccines for healthy young people, Harry suggested that his decision to share his “story” came from “a place of courage,” and complained that “some quarters” of the media appeared to think he could not be suffering because he is “privileged.” Hapless Harry then went on to complain  “a lot of genetic pain and suffering [got] passed on” by his father, Prince Charles, and appeared to indicate that he had in turn been badly parented by the Queen and her recently deceased husband, Prince Philip. He also complained of the media “feeding frenzy” he experienced while living in Tyler Perry’s mansion and hinted that he did not appreciate the First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech and freedom of the press in America, saying: “I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment; I still don’t understand it, but it is bonkers.” Hey Harry, you got two choices, go back to Jolly Ole’ or SDASTFU. Ok, there is a third, just freakin’ go away. And take her with you. British twit.

Left hand don’t know: CDC says no more masks, Let’s see, SoH mandate, Honolulu Mayor Emergency Proclamation, DOD and DoJ mask mandates, Dot travel mask orders,  Army Corps of Engineers issued a mask mandate, and all the military base commanders have full time mask mandates. CDC, STFU.

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