Motes For A Second Monday

Not a Big scoop: Biden pooch craps in the WH. Well, his owner has been doing it for some time. Why should the dog be any different?

Yes, yes she is: Is AOC the dumbest “college graduate” ever? She says the use of the word “surge” with migrants at the border, is to summon images of Nazi “insurgents” and is a white supremist viewpoint. This means it’s a racist point of view and you should be ashamed.

Language sheriff: On Monday, Arkansas’ legislature passed a bill preventing minors from receiving sex change surgery, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and other medical procedures. Actress Sophia Bush has blasted Arkansas’ new law banning minors from receiving sex-change operations, puberty blockers, and other life-altering medical procedures, saying the legislation is “tantamount to murder.” The law only applies to minors. ˈtan(t)əˌmount/adjective; “equivalent in seriousness to; virtually the same as.” So, no Sophia, it’s not. You are literally using that word incorrectly. 😊

Ashli Babbitt was murdered. But nobody seems to be speaking up for her.

Part of the oath:  On his application form to join the Metropolitan Police, Ben Hannam was asked if he had ever been in the far-right British National Party or any organisations whose aims “may contradict the duty to promote race equality”. He ticked “no”. Now it appears he was a member of the neo-Nazi movement. I’m not commenting on the lack of background check, or the lack of anyone discovering Hannam was autistic before hiring him as a police officer. What I want to point out the oath includes “the duty to promote race equality”. A police officer’s job is to enforce the laws of the city, state, and nation. Not to enforce “right-think”.

Am I the only one surprised there was no further problems with the ship stuck in the Suez Canal? I was pretty sure it getting stuck was just the start. Maybe it was just a test.

Destroying America: During an interview with ESPN aired on Wednesday’s “SportsCenter,” President Joe Biden said he would “strongly support” Major League Baseball moving its All-Star Game out of Atlanta over Georgia’s election law. What ever happened to States Rights? Since when does a sitting president urge financial repercussions against a state that actually (49.5 v 49.2) voted for his election?

Remember to always use the correct pronoun. Azzhole and shixhead are gender neutral.

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