Gleeful Friday Motes

OPSEC: James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has struck again, this time at the campaign of Minnesota leftist Congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar. O’Keefe’s latest video documents an Omar campaign helper, Liban Mohamed, speaking in front of a carload of absentee ballots. So our lessons today boy’s and girl’s; don’t brag, and someone is always recording. Rule #1, Don’t do stupid things.

Don’t just threaten: The U.S. State Department gave an ultimatum to Iraqi President Barham Saleh on Saturday night. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo informed the Iraqi government that the U.S. was planning a full withdrawal from the U.S. Embassy unless attacks on American personnel and the embassy by pro-Iranian militias ceased. “The Americans aren’t just angry. They’re really, really, really angry,” said one Iraqi official. My question is, why give them an “ultimatum”? Let’s just freakin’ pull out and let them come to us. How many “warnings” are we going to give?

Them and us: A while back there was a big hohaha by “anonymous” sources telling us Trump had called U.S. troops “losers”. Well, it is one of his favorite terms. Everybody, in the MSM, jumped on the wagon condemning anyone who would say such a thing. All this, despite 12 or 20 people coming forward, stating they were with the President when this was supposed to have been said, and they all said “NO”, it didn’t happen. And they gave their names. Now we have actual recorded footage of Joe Biden calling American troops “stupid bastards” to their faces. What’s that you hear, crickets? The sounds of silence? That’s the sound of fair and impartial journalism. And speaking Biden and Trump, was Tuesday night a debate, or a debacle?

Actually, pretty good guideline; “If someone tries to give you advice first make sure their television isn’t bigger then their bookcase. If it is, ignore them.” I have 2 televisions, and 9 bookcases all full and some with double rows, but don’t take my advice. No really, don’t.

Spending the weekend in Hilo. Last time, it took 43 minutes for the actual flight, and 41 minutes to get out of the terminal.  Let’s hope I can do better this week. Hope to ride the bike, shoot some arrows, and spend some time sipping a little Sexton Irish.

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