Motes Down The Thursday Stream

Now she wants to do something: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) has raised an alarm over ballot harvesting and voter fraud, filing a bill to prevent the practice. This from the woman that missed 125 of the 146 votes taken in the House from October through December 2019, ran for president, dropped out, and has announced she will not seek re-election. Basically she has done nothing, except talk. Oh wait, she is a politician, that’s all they do.

“From the mouth of babes”: When 5-year-old Carver learned about the wildfires ravaging his home state of Oregon, he told his grandmother Sasha Tinning he wanted to do something to help the heroes on the front lines. So, when Tinning heard about a local donation drive for firefighters in Molalla and Colton, Oregon, she took Carver shopping to buy groceries and other items they thought the firefighters might need. While at the store, Carver’s eyes fixed on something in the toy aisle — a Baby Yoda doll. “Thank you, firefighters,” he wrote. “Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely ❤ Love, Carver.” The firefighters now bring Baby Yoda with them everywhere and even document his travels in a Facebook group with more than 20,000 followers, so that Carver and others can see how much Baby Yoda has helped them along the way. May the force be with you, Carver.

A sad good-bye: I join many of country music’s greats in grieving for the loss of the great Mac Davis (78). Davis’ official social accounts report that the singer, songwriter and actor is passed after undergoing surgery at a Nashville hospital. Davis was a popular singer during my early years, an award wining singer, and a member of the songwriters Hall Of Fame. His talent will be missed. We also lost Helen Reddy (also 78) that same day. She was woman, and we heard her roar. God speed both.

Headline :Majority of people reached by contact tracers do not cooperate”. HMSA President and CEO Mark Mugiishi told a House task force on COVID-19 on Monday that the majority of people who are reached by the contact tracers do not cooperate and share information. He said communication and acceptance are the big barriers. You call me up, ask me questions about where I’ve been, who I’ve been with, and who else did I see. And you’re surprised when I don’t want to answer. Do the words “United States Constitution” mean anything?

Go ahead, look: A member of the Cathedral in San Diego woke up on Sunday to far left graffiti spray-painted on the front of the church including: Pentagrams, BLM, Biden 2020 and Swastikas. There is an epidemic of vandalism targeting Christian churches and synagogues across the US this year. A search of the news will fail to find any such reports about mosques in the US. But all this is caused by “right-wingers”.

His recent comments lend a new meaning to “As dumb as a Rock”.

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