Sunday Rant

 Hawaii is dying. No tourism, outdoor recreation, and no nightlife. Why would anyone want to come? The Pol’s are going to save us from ourselves. Lt. Gov. Green has established a 5 point “recovery” plan. I got just a few questions.

First, everyone in Hawaii must wear a mask when not at home. He encourages mandatory enforcement not only for face coverings, but also social distancing. ( Okay, for how long? Are the cops going around measuring between people? Mandatory? Is it going to be a law? Will it go through the “normal” route to become a law, or just another imperial decree?)

The second step, which he has been calling for for a while, is an increase in daily testing. He wants the state to increase testing capacity to 10,000 a day.( Who is going to pay for the all the tests and testers? How often do I have to get tested? Who pays for my testing? Again, how long does he want to test. Forever? Until he’s out of office? How long?)

Step 3: The Department of Health needs to employ 500 full time contact tracers in order to rapidly and thoroughly track everyone who has come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID. (Who pays the trackers? How long will they be employed? What is their authority? What are the legal limits to the questions they can ask? What restrictions will be in place on them?)

Step 4: Staffing at hospitals needs to be increased. This includes at least 300 new nurses and 100 new beds this month alone. Green also wants the state to launch 150 mobile hospital beds staffed by the National Guard and private sector health care professionals. (Where does the state intend to find these new nurses? Who’s going to pay them? Who’s going to build the new “mobile hospital beds? What will they, nurses and beds, be used for “when it’s all over”? Or will it never be over?)

And 5th and last, Lt. Gov. Green is calling for more transparency saying COVID data — including the location of cases — must be updated, accurate, and available to the public. (Can anyone access the COVID data? Why? Isn’t my medical history protected by law? What’s to prevent “COVID Positive” from becoming the new “leper”?)

These are the questions that just jump out. I’m sure there are a lot more that would be asked if we had any attorneys with balls and didn’t just toe the democrat line.


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