Thursday Motes, With A Bite

Single Digit salute(.!..); Goes out to the homeless man who man kills a cat and then barbecued it in the street as commuters pass by. The distressing video was filmed by passersby as a woman is seen angrily confronting the man. I’m not sure how broke you have to be to do this, but the video shows a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. As one person in the video said, “If you can buy cigarettes you can buy bread.” To this pos I offer the .!.. , salute.

Undeserving: Sen. Tammy Duckworth, whose military service is beyond reproach, has announced she is blocking the Senate confirmation of 1,123 senior U.S. Armed Forces promotions until Defense Secretary Mark Esper confirms that he is not going to block the promotion of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman to colonel. Sen. Duckworth, this officer went out of the Chain of Command, released confidential, and possible classifieds, material, refused direct orders, and in my opinion, engaged in conduct that brought discredit to the military service, and acted in a way unbecoming of an Officer of the United State Military. He does not deserve any further promotions.
***Vindman has announced his “retirement” due to “retaliation” from the Administration. His career limitations must be retaliation, it couldn’t be due to the above comments. Could it?***

Not my sport anymore: The NFL has said it will play the “Black National Anthem” prior to games this year. I will no longer watch any NFL game’s. There is no “black national anthem”. There is either a United States National Anthem”, or there is no Nation. They are taking one step to the later.

This is a good time to repeat John Farnam’s “Defense Training Institute” rules.
Simple rules; hard to follow.
Rule #1 Don’t go to stupid places
Rule#2 Don’t do stupid things
Rule#3 Don’t hang around with stupid people

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