Friday Motes

This is not good: Since sometime in March, 365 elephants in Botswana have died from unknown causes. Naturalist say many of the animals seemed to fall forward onto their chests as if walking or running. The tusks have not been removed so it doesn’t appear the be poachers. Expert opinions differ ; “As elephant populations grow, it is more likely that you will get mass die-offs, probably on a bigger scale than this,”; and “In Botswana, there is a huge crisis for elephants unfolding.” We need to find out why, what, and how to stop it.

Amanda Kloots is sharing an emotional time capsule of her romance with Nick Cordero. Kloots posted a powerful montage tracking her romance with the late Broadway star, who died on Sunday after a three-month-long battle with the novel coronvairus (COVID-19). He was 41. He fought valiantly, suffered greatly, but in vain. He will be missed.

Another sad Good-bye: Charlie Daniels, a onetime session musician who went on to bridge country and rock as a rowdy, fiddle-playing solo artist, rising to the top of the country charts with his fiery single “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” died July 6 at a hospital in Nashville. He was 83. The cause was a stroke. Mr. Daniels had previously battled prostate cancer and was treated for a stroke in 2010. He, his music and his talent will be missed.

I’ve been thinking about Robert A. Heinlein and his “Crazy Years”, and I’ve decided that the dean of Sci-Fi …. was an optimist.

The budget is shot: Hey state, want to save money? How about we stop paying university “professors” $250k a year to teach 3 hours, twice a week, for 4 months a year?

Be aware: Lots of “demonstrators” seem to like to stop cars and assault drivers. To answer a question, ankle holsters are great while driving. It puts the firearm butt at a convenient position, the driver doesn’t have to assume a “threatening” posture, the draw naturally moves you away from the window, but the draw-back is the size limitation for the firearm.

Oh, the irony: “BLM Activist Says She Got Her Molotov Cocktail from a Black Man But Investigators Discover It Came from Her White Buddy in Upstate New York.”(PJ Media) Am I the only one seeing the irony of the white girl terrorist claiming the black guy made her do it?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Saturday Story and the Sunday Rant.

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