Wednesday Motes For All

I gotta ask: Once again I have to state the obvious, you can shop at Walmart, you can shop at Costco, you can go to the beach, but you can’t go outside or to a bar. People, it’s not about safety, it’s about power and how to keep it.

A sad good Bye: During what many people have termed, “ the good old days”, tv was black and white, kids played outside until dark, and everyone loved “Leave It To Beaver”. “Wally”, the older boy, had a friend named “Eddie Haskell” that was the “smooth” character with bad ideas. Played by Ken Osmond, Eddie was the “Good morning Mrs. Cleaver and don’t you look nice today” guy. Osmond did other parts but was always tied to “Beaver”. In 1970 He joined the Los Angels Police Department. He suffered a gunshot, stooped by a ballistic vest, and other injuries and was medically retired in 1988. Osmond has past away at age 76, he is survived by his wife and two sons.

Going for it: Great weekend in Chicago. During the weekend they managed to shoot 38 people, 6 fatally.

Television: Been binge watching “Ozard”. Wow. Double-crossing the backstabbers while talking your way outta being stabbed in the back and having your toe nails pulled out by pliers. It’s not your old Justin Bateman. Really worth watching.

Just my observation: I started voting in 1967. I went to war in 1966. I’ve observed elections and campaigns, local and federal, since. Never, NEVER, in all these years have I seen a “former” president get as involved and vocal in politics, as Obama. Not Nixon, not Johnson, even Clinton has not been as loud and strident as Obama. I think those other “former” Presidents have enough to do after they left the office. Apparently, he doesn’t.

Not the same: Ms. Behar, President Trump has not sent millions, or actually any, people to gas chambers because of their faith. He has not caused the starvation of millions of people. So no, he is NOT literally like Hitler and Stalin. And I believe that literally everyone that uses the word “literally” have no idea what it means. Literally

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