Tuesday Motes Will Meaning

Odd: Several people have denied requesting “unmasking” regarding Gen. Flynn and others. It is odd to me that even though their names appear on the requests and they claim they didn’t request, none of them seemed concerned over who used their name, multiple times, to make these requests. If my name appeared on document’s I didn’t have any knowledge about, I’d damn sure be angry and wanting to know who used my name. And right freaking now.

Common thread: I’m reading in a lot of the websites and blogs I visit that this “stay home” “lockdown” is giving everyone a taste of what “socialism” will be like if the Demo’s take over. To use a common phrase, “How do you like the test drive?” Me, I don’t. I hope the rest of the state, and country, wake up and says how they liked it with their next vote. But then, I have always been an “optimist”. (wink wink)

Just sayin’; Hollywood , has been, actress Lori Petty — who has starred in Orange Is the New Black, Point Break, and Tank Girl — has insulted Americans across the board by claiming that they have low IQ’s.“I believe what we have forgotten is that the average IQ in Amurrrikkka is 99,” Petty tweeted on Friday. Now she probably got that idea because people have actually paid to see her movies. Wikipedia says she has done 3 movies since 2010. I guess she’s trying to get relevant again, like the other has been-neverwas’s.

Not the same: The new “covid-19 relief bill”, the HEROS Act (Health Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act), has nothing to do with “relief” and even less to do with HEROS. It’s so full of pork you could deep fry the paper it’s written on, and c all them pork rinds.

Another great one gone; Fred Willard, passed at the age of 86. He was a comic from my early days. His talent and humor will be missed.

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