It’s Fun With Friday Motes

We don’t need no stinking evidence, we hate Trump: A University of Washington official has stated “the Chinese virus may have originated in America”. The official, Ricky Hall, the UofW “Vice-President for Minority Affairs and Diversity” , was speaking during a webinar on discrimination. Of course, no evidence of any kind was offered. However, the University of Washington partnered with the Confucius Institute, a non-profit funded by the Chinese government that has been accused of wielding its influence to restrict critical discourse of the Chinese government on American campuses.

I don’t think anybody else has either: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) stated that he “wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights” when he implemented his state’s stay-at-home order. We are being deprived of all of our rights under the guise of “safety”. Those that would surrender their rights for safety, deserve neither. By my count we have voluntarily given up 9 of the 10 Bill of Rights Amendments. The hard part will be getting them back.

Continuing question: The Muslim Holy time of Ramadan is April 23 to May 23. I wonder if the powers will say the “pandemic” is over and everyone can gather in groups again, or will they be handing out tickets in the parking lot and claiming a 11 pm to 5 am curfew like they did on Easter. Let’s see just how hypocritical they can get. Or maybe they’ll just “round up the usual suspects.”

Sad Good-bye; Screen and stage actor Brian Dennehy,81, of natural causes. Probably best remembered for his roles in the original ”First Blood” and “Cocoon” , he was also a two time Tony winner. His talent will be missed.

Why yes, I am ready to go shopping


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