Thursday Motes With Feeling

Could probably have guessed this one: The sale of “sex toys” is up. Reuters has reported a 50% increase in sales while lingerie shops are reporting 27% increase. Well, you gotta do something while on lockdown and never underestimate the power of lingerie.

WHO?: The liberal front is all in arms over President Trump talking abut de-funding the World Health Organization. I’m all for it. I also think we need to stop supporting the U.N. The “blue helmets” are totally ineffective. Why should we spend taxpayer money on things like “The Committee for the United Nations Population Award”, or “The Ad Hoc Committee on a Comprehensive and Integral International Convention on Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities”. To me it’s wasted money and only promotes little tin UN politicians who calm diplomatic immunity while living lavish lifestyles. Just bulldoze the whole area.

Totally agree; Headline from Brietbart: “Here’s One Thing Officials Can Do to Make Lockdown Life Better: Stop Being Hypocritical Tyrants.” I think the headline says all that needs to be said. There is this continuous “Do as I say; not as I do”, and this “It’s okay for me but not for you” Attitude of our “elected” representatives. That’s what the population needs to start remembering, there people were “elected” to “represent” us, not command us. We need to start holding them accountable and if they are not acting in our interests, we need to vote them out. In fact, that will be my political drive this election, remind them they represent me.

It’s all in the headline: Seen on TMZ; “L.A.D.A. Hubby threatens to shoot protesters”. Paints a bad image doesn’t it? Well, what the headline doesn’t say is the incident happened in March, the protesters from Black Lives Matter, started banging on the front door at 5 am, without warning. “They have security cameras so they should have seen us there”. What? Nowhere in the TMZ “report”, and I use that word loosely, does it say the time, (5 am) or the number of people(20-25) at the front of the house. But they are very clear on the fact the D.A. is running for reelection very soon. No bias in their “reporting”. To me, the husbands response was entirely appropriate.

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