Friday, and am I glad, Motes

A good start, but we need in all fifty: New Jersey has just become the 17th state to require a conviction before there is a “civil forfeiture”. If there has been a “CF” and you are acquitted or the case dismissed, a everything must be returned. “Civil Forfeiture” is one of the most abused pieces of legislation in America today. “CF” is used by DEA, ATF, to confiscate money and property without convictions or, in some cases, even charges. They then abuse the legal system to postpone and delay return. It is a travesty and abuse of our legal system.

This is front page: Recent frontpage headline on the Chicago Tribune: “Trans man who gave birth to be listed as father”. This after a single weekend had 33 shootings and 5 deaths. But who is listed as a father is really important stuff. Inquiring minds go HUH?

Menu problems: China is reporting the Coronavirus was started by someone eating “bat soup”. Repeat after me, things like slugs, snails, and bats are not on the menu. Ever. I don’t believe it started the virus, but it still ain’t on the menu.

You can’t make this hypocrisy up: Elizabeth Warren is now proposing “criminal penalties” for spreading voting disinformation. She wants to hold “tech companies” accountable for their actions. Hey Liz, why aren’t you being held accountable for your actions? You know, like lying.

You can’t fix stupid: In Wilson County Tennessee, a youngish man was facing a “simple” marijuana charge so he decided to express his belief that pot should not be illegal. So, he lights up, in court. This resulted in a second “simple” marijuana charge, a disorderly conduct charge, and of course a “contempt of court charge”. Probably not the place to hold your protest.

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