Tiny Thursday Motes

A sad good-bye: Aloha Bob Shane, the last of the “original” Kingston Trio. Not exactly “folk” music, but good music that appealed to many. It was my good fortune to meet the Trio while working foot beat in Waikiki in the 70’s. All three of the original performers were taken much too early. They and their music will be missed.

When truth dies an ugly death : Please read or at least check out. “The Trayvon Hoax” by Joe Gilbert. America was played and the truth destroyed, just like Richard Jewel. The difference is “Trayvon” was used to bludgeon America into believing what was not true, and letting the race baiters win. And it still persists today.

Running but not official: Already seeing television commercials for Comrade DeBlasio and Field Marshal Steyer. Neither has been officially nominated by “their” party, both are incredibly wealthy, and both are spending huge amounts of money to convince voters they should be “elected”.

“Impeachment” : Geez, how many people listened in on Trumps private call to Ukraine President? Seems like a lot, it the witness’ are to be believed. I don’t.

Brit Love(Head)Line :” I fell in love with my boyfriend, and his wife”. Where to go with this one, I have no idea. I really love reading the U.K. Sun for stuff like this.

Corona Virus: If China is reporting a couple of thousand sick, you know it’s at least ten times that many. Same with the death reporting, at least 10 times as many.

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