Rambling Monday Motes

It’s not a big deal : After the golden globes fiasco, Joaquin Phoenix has vowed to wear the same $1,500 (minimum listed price, I’m sure he doesn’t wear ‘basic’) dollar suit to all the awards shows this year. Big deal, I’ve worn the same $150.00 suit for 8 years and to no awards shows. (And I still look great.)

Ask for a refund
: Everybody is now talking about the huge pallet of shrink wrapped Cash that Obama sent to Iran, and the possibility that cash was used to buy the missile’s Iran just shot at American bases. Well I say, get your money back Obumer, those missiles couldn’t hit anything. Get a refund.

They’re still here: Many years ago, I was in Downtown Los Angeles, very early in the morning, when I saw a group, 4 or 5, of coyotes prowling the streets. These predators were miles away from any king of natural habitat for their kind, yet there they were. I was told that not only did they live in the area, they thrived. Today I read about 2 coyote attacks in Chicago. The report stated there was an estimated 4,000 coyotes in Cook County Il, and they are becoming “more” aggressive. Sit down and watch the Albert Finney Gregory – Hines movie “Wolfen” for a few good spine shivers.

Brit Love (Head) Line:
“I am 22 and bed my lover, 55, as her husband watches on but I’m falling for her.” Turns out her met her on a sex-chat site a year ago. After meeting her he finds she is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly sexy. One problem is her husband is a “great bloke”. They all go out for meals together in the evenings and then hubby watches when they have sex. Now our young hero thinks of them both as good friends. Now the problem is thinks he’s in love with her. I remember when I was 22, and had this problem. Who am I kidding, I can’t remember when I was 22 but I real sure I never had this problem. I got no answer here.

If I did it, I’d be rich: In Denver, Colorado, if you go to “Tom”s Diner”, know what you want before you speak. Recently a patron was charged $.38 (thirty-eight cents) for “1 Stupid Question”. Nobody, including the patron, seems to know what the question was, but at that price it couldn’t have been that bad. And can they charge you if it isn’t “on the menu”?

Calling George Jetson: Hyundi and Uber, and unusual pairing to say the least, have teamed up to create “self -driving flying-taxis” that can do 180 mph, and cruise above tall buildings. They intend the autonomous vehicles to up and in service by 2023. Hi, I’m George and I’ll be your Uber driver tonight.

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