Smiley Mote Tuesday :)

They agree: I have one comment regarding the “carry in church” argument going on. I was once told, by a Chaplin, that “Peter and Paul” agree with “Smith and Wesson”. And that’s my last word. (Sure it is.)

I don’t like boycotts: But if you’re in Seattle stay away from “St. John’s Bar and Eatery”. One of the “owner’s” likes to make jokes when a man and his 9-year old daughter were killed in a tragic hunting accident. By tweeting “1.5 less MAGAbilly’s in the world”, with absolutely no evidence the deceased father had any political standing, the co-owner wife, who had never met the man or his daughter as they were on the other side of the country, is now being disavowed by her husband in fear her crap infected mouth will adversely effect the restaurant’s patronage. In almost any other city I can see that happening. But Seattle, no. There’ll probably be a line outside the eat and bask in the shine of her enlightenment. Me, I wish dueling was still allowed. Instead, I’ll never eat there. Even if I’m in Seattle.

Call it whatever you want: “I left my cheating husband and now have 9 sugar daddies who pay me £260 per date.” They have a name for a woman that does this, and it isn’t “sugar baby”. Call yourself whatever you want, you’re still a whore. An expensive and picky one, but still a whore. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a good, honest whore. She isn’t either.

Just English picky: They are reporting the Epstein suicide recording’s, his first try, have been erased due to an “inadvertent mistake”. Aren’t all mistakes “inadvertent”? If they were not inadvertent, they weren’t mistakes but “done on purpose” happenings. Remember, 1 is an accident, 2 is suspicious, 3 is enemy action.

“Kookie Kookie, lend me your comb”: Television star of the 50’s and 60’s Edd “Kookie” Brynes has passed at age 87. He will be remembered as the hip parking attendant in the show “77 Sunset Strip” and of course for is role in “Grease”. He was a fair actor and from all reports a good human being. Aloha

Cage match for president: With President Trump referring to Adam Schiff as a “pencil neck” it put me to mind of ‘Classy Freddy Blassie” on of the pioneers of modern professional wrestling. Blassie often, very often, referred to the fans as “pencil necked geeks”, he even recorded a song “Pencil Neck Geek” with Johnny Legend. So, is our next president going to be selected in a 2 out of 3 fall match? Or maybe a “death match in a cage”. I’d go see that.

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