Friday, Motes With Feeling

What is wrong with people?: There is a shooting in New Jersey, everyone seems to agree it was a bad thing. But then we get the “it was because of” comments from all sides. One member of the local Board of Education wanted to know where all the prayers and feelings were “when Black homeowners were threatened, intimidated, and harassed by I WANT TO BUY YOUR HOUSE brutes of the jewish community?” I am always surprised by the low depths humans can sink to in order to place blame on someone else. This was a murder. Carried out by two people against absolute strangers. It was their decision, and theirs alone. The victims were in no way responsible except they were there. It had nothing to do with everyone else’s perceived wronging’s.

Don’t do as I did: One of the first things I heard as a young NCO was; “If you haven’t gotten an article 15, you aren’t trying.”(Article 15 is a non-courts-martial review and punishment.) Then, one of my first FTO’s (field training officer) taught me, ”If you ain’t on a first name basis with at least one IAD sergeant, you aren’t trying.”(Internal Affairs Division) Gotta tell you all, I wish I hadn’t listened.

Should have guessed this: It seems that 2019 has been a big year for UFO sightings. Everyone from Navy pilots, deer hunters, and ex-cops sitting outside a RV have reported seeing strange sights. It seems the UFO occupants prefer colder climes as many sightings were Montana, Alaska, and Vermont. Did you know that in 1969 (not yet) President Jimmy Carter filed a report with the International UFO Bureau? I didn’t either, but it might explain a few things about him.

This I knew: An official report says that ICE issued “detainers” for illegal immigrants responsible for over 2,500 murders in 2019. The report also notes that most illegal immigrants live in sanctuary jurisdictions where law enforcement doesn’t cooperate with ICE. Thus, there are many crimes, including murders, committed by illegal aliens that don’t result in detainers. California, for example, is home to by far the most illegal immigrants of any state in America. Yet, ICE only apprehended a fraction of the number of criminals they caught in Texas. The bottom line is that an alarming percentage of murders in America are committed by people who are here illegally.

Teachers always said it would be important: CNN has decided to take President Trump to task regarding his let to Speaker Pelosi. Rather than quibble with little things like facts, and transcripts, CNN deconstructs the missive as to the English used and the sentence structure. Adding snippy little comments like “What would the perfect paragraph look like? Do we even know?” Do we want to?

I leave for Hilo home in a few short hours for Christmas and New Ye4ars. I’ll try to keep up but no promises. There are holiday stories already set-up and I promise I will try to make some entries. Until then, Aloha.

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