Thursday, Not Friday Yet, Motes

Proof is for the other guy ; Maxine Waters (D-CA) is a little short of fair, that is well known, but she doesn’t even try to hide her distaste of the current administration. In fact, she doesn’t even consider the truth. She feels that President Trump was/is crooked, and she started calling for his impeachment within the first 30 days he was in office. The kicker, “Waters pointed out she has no facts to back up her belief.” (Brietbart) Just like HRC, proof is only for the little guys.

Same opinion: Every time a Republican politician switches parties, I say he should step down from his elected office, have the original party appoint a fill-in, and then re-run as a member of the new party. I still maintain that position even though it’s now Democrats wanting to switch parties. The opinion is the same no matter which way it goes.

Delusional Hollywanker:
Robert DeNiro, who has not been exactly closed mouth about his hatred for the President, now says he’d “disown” his kids if they did” what the Presidents children have done. There is no report on what he’d do if his kids copied Hunter Biden. Of course, the “know-it-all’s” of the “View” didn’t ask.

Live and learn: Did anyone else try to purchase the “Continental Bourbon, and Rocks Glass set”?(Hint, John Wick) If you did, and I admit I did, you’ve gotten the notice from “Doug at” that the distillery they planed to use hasn’t made a single batch or bottle even though it was advertised back in Feb-March for delivery in November. They had also advertised: “James T. Kirk Bourbon” and “Montgomery Scott Scotch” which are also not being made or delivered. Okay, I admit to being a bit of a nerd/geek. The worse part of the e-mail reads; ““Regarding a “refund”, there really isn’t anything for us refund.” Not the first,but for me at least, certainly the last. Never again in my book.

They don’t care: More and more I’m reading about politicrats being told, by their constituents, they don’t favor the “impeachment” or some of the other shenanigans being pulled. And more and more the constituents, you remember them they’re the voters, are being told “This is what I believe” is best for “everyone” and you should listen to my “logic”. People, they don’t care what you want or believe. They, the politicians, believe you elected them because they are so much smarter than you and they know what’s best. This isn’t just one party, even if it seems like there is only one party, it’s all of them.

Think your commute is bad: In France civil unrest has been ongoing for some time. Strikes and protests over new government rulings over pensions and other decisions have caused the population to crank it up. Going into its third week, the protests got a boost as the public transportation went on strike resulting in a 391 mile traffic jam. (Not sure what that is in kilometers, but I bet it’s long.)

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