Mondays On A Ledge Motes

Not something I’d fight about: On Monday night two men were arrested in Janesville after they got into a fight over “How I Met Your Mother”. “It was not clear why the men were arguing.” Oh, wait the next line answers it all; “The men said they had gone to a Packers game, where they had been drinking.” Yep, that explains it all. Except, why “How I Met Your Mother?”

Kind of torn on this one : In New Orleans, a shop owner found he had been burglarized and lost about $7k dollars’ worth of tools. Reviewing security tapes, he observed the culprit as a man he had given a clean-up job to and reported it all to the police. Around 5 or 6 days later, the owner sees the “culprit” at a store, kidnaps him at gunpoint, forces him to return to the shop, and then beats him with a hammer paying special attention to smashing the “thief’s” hands. Final result, the “culprit” is in the hospital looking at arrest and bail up to $10k dollars when he is released and the “shop owner” is in jail with a $75k dollar bail. Okay, if there is no doubt, and that’s what trials are for, this guy was the thief, maybe he deserved the beating. Unfortunately, I can see this type of justice going too far too fast. Maybe if he had actually caught him “in the act” the beating would be justified, not 5 or 6 days later.

Teach teachers not to : Is anybody getting tired of “Teacher has sex with student(s)”? I sure am. Teachers seem to be enjoying our children, boys and girls, and don’t appear to give a single thought to the consequences. Now I read about a public-school teacher manhandling a 16-year old female student because he didn’t like her “Women for Trump” pin. The teacher was reported by the student claiming he “aggressively grabbed my pin”, “put his hands on my shoulder”, and then used “both hands to unlatch the pin and place it upside down on his shirt”. When responding to the parent’s queries, the school district superintendent claimed the incident “does not affect the safety of our students.” There at least two people that need to be fired, canned, and dismissed. The teacher and this dumbazz superintendent. The teacher, who appears to be a Nigerian immigrant, hasn’t been seen since the incident. Maybe we should teachers to just educate, not indoctrinate.

To the rescue
: A while back I speculated Michelle Obama could grab the nomination by simply citing “the people want me”. Well, during a recent interview, where she again said she wasn’t running, she claimed that she and he are just waiting “for them to ask for our help”. Sounds about right. Is that the sound of hoofbeats?

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