Motes For A Tuesday

New meaning to pork barrel: In North Carolina, a semi-trailer truck was pulled over for erratic driving. A K-9 unit was brought and the dog was “alerted” by something in the trailer. Well, inside barrels of raw pork shoulder police found $3 million dollars in U.S. currency. The truck’s destination was Mexico so it is speculated the money was from drug sales and headed to one of the cartels. For once, “pork barrel” doesn’t apply to politicians.

Not a personal ad : Still looking often look through Craig’s List just to see what’s out there. Sometimes you see things, numerous puppy scams, “adult friend” BS, and of course the occasional ad that makes you go, HUH? For months now, every few weeks, someone is looking for their lost chair made of “human bones”, and it is easily identified by the “engraving” on one of the “chair legs”, which I guess is separate from the human leg bones. And are there so many human bone chairs you have to have a “engraving” to identify it?

Not News: Lots of “articles” on the Eastwood movie “Ricard Jewel”. Reviews are almost evenly divided, but many of the adverse article are “opinions”. Since the movie reflects badly on the press, as it should, the majority of opinions seem to be “this is a movie we didn’t need now”. I got news for you all, this is exactly the time we need this movie. Jewel was one of the first high-profile judged by public opinion cases and that opinion was moved and directed by the media. We most certainly need it, and right now,

It’s started: For far too long our “elected representatives” have done what they wanted without regard to what those that elected them feel. Right now, Virginia is the best example. With a single party dominating both chambers, just like Hawaii, the “law-makers” passed a series of firearms related legislations. That are clearly against the wishes of the people. This is demonstrated by the numbers of counties claiming “Second Amendment Sanctuary” status and the citizens voting with them. Even law enforcement, on the county and city levels, have said they will refuse to enforce the “unconstitutional” laws. Instead of reconsidering, the state is now threatening to withhold funds, and to bring in the National Guard to enforce what the local leo’s won’t. The Government is claiming this is all being caused by the “gun lobby”. The “will” of the people has been entirely subverted to the “will of the government”. This will not end well. For anyone

Hate to be I told ya so:
I commented and warned about installing the “Ring” doorbell/camera set up.A couple inst5ralled one in the bedroom to wacth their puppy. Well, someone figured out how to hack into the systems, probably wasn’t very hard, and it was turned on to watch them. Now why these people used a “Ring” in the bedroom is beyond me, they’re not really the best set up to watch your puppy in the bedroom. A standard computer camera would suffice. Anyway, she’s in bed when the camera activates, and someone on the other end starts talking to her. Upon checking with “Ring”, the couple find out their system had been hacked 4 times, and probably not the same person(s). If you consider this incident, and “Ring’s” willingness to provide information to Law enforcement, I’d pick some other system. Me, I have a full “Simpli Safe” system, have had it for over ten years and I am extremely happy with the product and the customer service is first class. In fact, I have a “Ring”, still in the box, if anybody wants it.

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