Friday Quicky Motes

Yeah that’s gonna work: Instagram users under 18 will be blocked from seeing posts promoting certain cosmetic surgery and diet products. No worry, they’ll still be able to access unicorn porn and live anime sex.

The Best Defense: From; Ilhan Omar: “When will Twitter Take Action Against Trump For Smearing Me?”. She claims Trump tweets (no, not a girls singing group) have caused her to receive “death threats”. The article was less than supportive of the President. It appears the Trump tweet was something to the effect of “Get this woman out of office”, in response to a false post from someone else. I guess you could construe that as a threat, if you really tried. She really is good at turning things around and becoming the victim.

People seem to be talking about a fashion designer who previewed a line of hoody sweat shirts with the names “Sandy Hook”, “Columbine”, “Virginia Tech” and “Stoneman Douglas”, printed with simulated bullet holes. Some say the hoodies are in bad taste. Some have other opinions. But the one thing they don’t say it where I can buy one.

Past Stupid Crime: Remember the young woman that used her ex’s credit card to leave a 5-thousand-dollar tip for the 55-dollar meal? Well, the ex has declined to prosecute so the Clearwater Beach, Florida prosecutor has dismissed the charges. The waitress was not allowed to keep the original tip but was given a $300-dollar replacement gratuity.

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