Almost Friday Motes

Did I miss something here?: From The Gateway Pundit “Illegal Aliens Sue Trump Administration To Ensure They Can Get Taxpayer Money Via Welfare.” The two “plaintiffs” are in county thanks to Obama’s DACA , assisted by the “open boarders” group CASA de Maryland asking the court to overturn the SCOTUS ruling that President Trump’s plan to deport aliens relying on welfare as their means of support. So two non-tax paying, non-citizens, want the court to say it’s okay for them to continue staying in America and they can continue living on our tax money. DID I MISS SOMETHING HERE?

Guests? : In Honolulu, two guys got into an argument over some trivial thing, one ended up stabbing the other to death. I’ve been to probably over a 150 “biker” parties. Almost everyone at those parties was armed with a knife or a gun, and more than few had both. Seen lots of arguments and many fights. But there was never a gun or a knife pulled. So, who would you like to come to your party?

Will be really popular with cops: KFC is testing out a response to their new sandwich, a piece of fried chicken between two doughnuts. Some people are all up in arms about it being unhealthy. Is it any different that “chicken and waffles”? I don’t think so. I don’t like chicken and waffles either.

Not on the menu
: Well, we can add to the “not on” section; “Scientists advised against eating hypersexual cicadas infected with psychoactive fungus”. Damn, there goes my dinner suggestion.

And a child shall lead them: Well, we have our child messiah, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who is leading the current Children’s Crusade against climate change. She “sailed to America” in a “zero emissions racing yacht” in 13 days and 8 hours. (Is that like parting the sea or walking on the water?) She has come to lecture the U.S. on the “biggest crisis humanity has ever faced”. I don’t think this children’s crusade will turn out like the last one, nobody listened to those kids, they simply killed them or made them slaves.

The Headline: 3 Georgia Teens Killed In Potential “Stand Your Ground” Case”. No. NO. They were killed because they made stupid choices, like wearing masks, carrying weapons, and trying to enter another mans home at 4 AM. The teen’s fired the first shot at people sitting in the yard. Couple of interesting things from the article; the teens involved lived nearby, and “neighbors say the may be a rally for the teenagers this Saturday”. If they lived nearby, why are they robbing their neighbor, or anyone for that matter. And why a rally? They were in a stupid place, doing a stupid thing, and associating with stupid people, each other. They died because they made stupid choices.

Bound to happen
: Seeing a DUI driving down the road with a 6 or 12 pack on the roof is nothing new. Hearing pounding music coming from a vehicle all tricked out with “a massive stereo system” is also not unusual. But when this is all combined into a “Amish” horse and buggy, well you gotta admit it’s something new. Ohio cops started to pull the buggy over but the two men inside bailed, but the horse just kept trotting along until he found a familiar place to pull over, by the two men had disappeared into the woods. Ohio has an Amish population of about 76,000, so the passengers will, eventually, be identified.

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