Short Notes of Motes

Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel: From “The Gun Free Zone”….”Because journalism in 2019 is fucking awful, a true coat hanger abortion dumpster fire of opinionated deceit,….” From “thomaswhispered”.

AOC says “Nobody is heartbroken at the prospect of losing their private health insurance”. She’s right. I won’t be heartbroken over the loss. I will be heartbroken when I lose my house, or my wife because without private insurance I won’t be able to pay the mortgage and her medication. I’ll be able to pay one, not both. AOC you’re an idiot without a clue.

The Gods Weep: Nothing is safe for the PC crap. Even Gods from 4 or 5 hundred years ago. Now they are getting ready to do a “female” Thor. I’m sure they’ll come up with a plausible story line, after all it’s “just” a movie. But I’m pretty sure the Norse people, if there are any left after the socialist immigrant transformation, are rolling their eyes and their ancestors are rolling in their graves.

Ok, police work is dangerous. The police in Massachusetts have asked all the crooks to take the weekend off, due to the heat. Well, nobody likes those damn hot uniforms anyway.

Never count the old guy out: He stabbed his wife 14 times, spent decades in prison and was then released because he was too old to be a threat, has been convicted of the murder of a 47 years old woman he was “infatuated” with. Too old my butt.

It’s okay to stand on the high pedestal, or to tell everyone they’re doing it wrong, but when it gets down to the gritty, Seth MacFarlane goes for the money. The third season of “The Orville” will be on “subscriber only” HULU. I’ve mentioned I really like the show, despite MascFarland’s extreme politics, but I’m done now. He can claim it’s the ”production ‘ quality all he wants, we know what the reason is. $$$$$

Too Little Too Late
: In response to the crash that killed 7 members of the Jarheads M/C, in New Hampshire, the governor of Massachusetts has decided tougher licensing laws are in order. Hey Gov, that car driver was supposed to have his license suspended already. If you really want to do something, get the people you have to actually DO THEIR JOB. Wow, what a concept.

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