A Letter To The President

Mr. President,
My name is James Pritchett. I am 72-years-old. My wife is Julie and she is 67-years-old. We have been married 30 years.
I almost lost my wife in 2012 when she was diagnosed with liver cancer. After 7 attempts to remove the cancer, it was determined she would only survive with a full liver transplant. Selection for the transplant list is a mind-numbing, soul breaking process. They want to be sure the recipient is worthy of the incredible gift they are to receive.
In November of 2014 we received the greatest gift, her life. She received a transplant and my wife was given a new life.
I still work full time, because the cost of her medication, the mediation she must take daily to continue living, is incredible. I have medical insurance from my work, and she has Medicare.
But now, it appears I must quit work, and go on State of Hawaii welfare to keep my wife alive. I can’t afford the cost. I’ll need to have the State take care of my wife and me. They’ll pay for the medication if I don’t have insurance, which means I need to stop working.
Medications, from “Pharma Care” are being priced right out of my reach. Recently, one medication Julie takes daily, has risen from a 20% co-pay of $24.00 per each prescription to a co-pay of $211.00 per prescription. The medication has gone from a cost of $96.00 to over $1,000.00 in a single step. And that’s just one of several daily med’s she must take.
I know what you have done since your election in trying to bring the cost of prescription medicine under control. I applaud your efforts and support what you have done.
Sir, the middle men are striking back by consciously raising the product prices to fill their pockets. Is there nothing that can be done. It’s probably too late for my wife and I, but there are others out there that can be saved from this wretched ending.
Please help them. Single payer is not the answer. Price’s must be kept reasonable.

Received by the White House 0815 hst 7/22/19

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