New Week New Motes

I guess the new “status” thing is to claim your ancestors “owned slaves”. This from the Irish guy who claims to be Mexican. And the Hindu-Jamaican who claims to be “colored. Talk about chameleons.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned on Sunday that Con Edison “does not have a franchise granted by God” and “can be replaced” as the power company admitted it still couldn’t explain why a blackout struck a large swath of Midtown Manhattan. Sure they can be replaced, by who and with what system? Or is the City going to make ConEd state owned and run? Yeah, that’ll work well. Oh, and he also talked about replacing Comrade De Blasio as he was running for President and not running the city as Mayor.

Regarding the “assault attack” on the Tacoma, WA, federal detention facility. Sounds a lot like “suicide by cop” to me.

In Australia, four children ages 10, 13, and 14 , not related, took family SUV of one of the 13 year old’s, loaded it with fishing gear, and after leaving a “good-bye note” headed for the coast. They made 600 miles in two days before stopping, filling with diesel and drove off without paying. That’s what got them noticed. The “short stature” of the driver. Up to here this was a normal news report. Then it went on the say the fuel theft occurred in the town of Banana. “Banana is a town of a few hundred people that grows no bananas and is named after a dun-colored bull.” I keep saying. Australia is the world’s Texas.

She kneels for the National Anthem. She calls all her fans her “bitches” and “motherfuxxers”, steps on the U.S. flag after winning a “world” title (as a member of the U.S. National team). Then claims, “Trump is dividing the country”. “Trump is being disrespectful”. Does anybody recognize hypocrisy when they see it? Or is it just me?

41 shot, 9 dead. How’s those tough gun laws working Chicago?

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