Motes Like Bubbles On THe Wind

Tom Arnold, the ex-Mr. Rosanne Barr, claims “this is exactly how it started in the 1930’s, Families rounded up”. Well somewhat, Tom. Then they rounded up legal citizens of a specific religious or ethnic background, and those doing the roundup violently beat anyone who opposed them. They then systematically gassed, shot, and starved those gathered to death and gave them no chance to get away. THAT is what Nazi’s do. Those doing the violence claimed they were only following orders. Here we want to round up those here illegally, once gathered, they can return to their country of origin any time they wish, we are not killing them in any manner, and our law enforcers are following the “law”. If you don’t like the law, work to change it. But DO NOT condemn those enforcing it by word, accusation, or (Hey Alyssa this one is for you) by creating false images.

Another Headline Not Needed ; Welcome to Honolulu, were there’s no place to park.

Congratulations: On July 11, 68 individuals from 15 countries became citizens of the United States of America. They took the oath aboard the USS Missouri. They did it the right way. Aloha, welcome.

Only seen in The Federalist: Women from all 50 states gather in D.C. to Advocate for gun rights. These women, rape victims, competitive shooters, and mothers attended several days of meetings and then gathered on the last day on the West Lawn to hear speakers, survivors, and experts discuss the rising demographic of female gun ownership. All the MSM carried stories of the gay day parades. None of the carried this story. Doesn’t meet the scenario I guess.

It’s always easy to make promises you know you won’t have to keep. Check out “Beato’s” promises not to prosecute people for being “human beings”, when elected. Like I said, he’ll never have to keep that one.

If you are “sworn in” to tell the truth, then you tell a provably false story, a story you know to be false, isn’t that “perjury”? Just asking for my friend A.O.C.

I cringe every time I hear someone on television, or in a movie, pump/rack their double-barreled shotgun.

In New York, a worker at the Simply Natural Foods fell into a vat of chocolate. I’ve heard the Smothers Brothers Song and saw the 9-1-1 episode about it. But then truth is stranger than fiction. (Thanks to Dave Berry’s Blog)

A Virginia man wearing a Captain America t-shirt was arrested Tuesday evening for striking two victims in the head with a hammer, police report. According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect “went into another room of the residence and retrieved a hammer,” which he then used to hit “both victims in the head.” While investigators did not reveal a motive for the attack, they believe alcohol and drug use were a factor in the incident. Well, duh.

Speaking of chocolate; In Germany police say a stretch of the autobahn had to be closed due to ,”Burning chocolate”. A truck with 17 tons of cocoa caught fire and was totally burned. No reports of anyone “down wind” during the fire.

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