On Time Motes

R.I.P. to Rip Torn, one of my favorite actors. A anti-Viet Nam activist, he attempted to start an integrated National Theater with the help of Bobby Kennedy in 1963 which put him on J.Edgar Hoover’s radar. He found few parts available for many years then was re-discovered. He was a great bad guy, the coach in “Dodgeball”, the evil wizard in “Beastmaster”, and of course Zed in the “Men In Black” franchise. He will be missed.

For someone who has been accused of misuse of campaign funds, lying about her residence in order to be able to run for election to the House, and it has been reported that she and the father of her three children split temporarily in the 2000s but still filed joint tax returns in 2014 and 2015, when Omar was legally married to someone else”( which is tax fraud and bigamy for anyone else). And still she feels America has not lived up to her expectations. I submit that if anything has fallen short, it is our expectations of her.

Triggered: “Confederate Railroad”, a country group was “dis-invited” from performing at the Illinois State Fair because of, well, their name. The group has been performing under that name for over 30 years, in fact I remember playing their music when I was still a DJ here in the 90’s. This move has “triggered” a lot of flak, mostly in favor of the group, including a tweet by Charlie Daniels. I suggest buying a ticket to their next performance with the money you save by not going to the fair.

Why does everyone equate Trump’s MAGA with going “back” to the 40’s and 50”s ?. Why do they say he wants segregation, gay bashing, and such? I’ve seen nothing in his comments that would indicate that this is what he means or wants. He just wants to make America great again so people like Omar, Rapinoe, Obama, and Kaperdink can “be proud” of their country.

Something everyone has thought about: Woman arrested in Kansas City after firing shots at DMV, she was complaining the line was too slow. Come on, everyone has wanted to do that. At least once.

Did you know it was against federal law to mail a live fruit bat? Me neither.

Congratulations to Mark Boone Jr., (aka Bobby Elvis on the Sons of Anarchy) on his recent wedding. A wedding is what started my old clubs annual Vegas New Year get together. Boone’s wedding was attended by many of this SoA co-actors and it appears a good time was had by all. Mazel tov !!!!

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