Little Motes of Thought

“The Birds”, a prediction, not just a movie? As reported in the NEWSWEEK on line edition; a cockatoo destroyed anti-bird spikes placed on a ledge above a shopping center in Katoomba, Australia. Video show The Katoomba troublemaker is not the only bird to take the matter into its own hands—or, rather, beak. In Geraldton, Western Australia, corellas, a subspecies of cockatoo, have been seen pulling guard spikes off the roof of the Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral. The birds have also chewed through wires at the church and tore asbestos-covered paint off the roof of a nearby hotel. The birds have been seen methodically ripping up the spikes and throwing them to the ground. I said it before, Australia is the Texas of the world.

New term, Klantifa. I like it. They wear masks and beat up people they don’t agree with. Remember: “Go Fuxk Yourself” is not always THE answer. But it is A answer.

Question: Should American Patriots boycott Nike? No, patriots don’t buy their crap anyway. Maybe boycott the NFL, again.

Nicki Minaj is pulling out of a concert in Saudi Arabia because she says she wants to show support for women’s rights, gay rights and freedom of expression. Ok, I’m not a big fan of her music, or her lifestyle, but on this I will applaud and say well done. Instead of the big paycheck (like she really need another one) she’s taking a walk. Yes, things there are changing, but needs to do more. Good No-Show.

Hey, whatever happen to the Wasserman Schultz I.T. guy scandal? The guy hacked into Congress, he filed fraudulent loan documents, and his wife fled the US, with a bunch of money, just ahead of warrants. Did he get an unreported (by the MSM) slap on the wrist and given another government position?

Not a big supporter of any boycott’s. Does the company deliver a good product at a reasonable cost? I don’t care who or what the “owner” or CEO supports with his money or time. As long as he isn’t making human sacrifices or selling kids out the back door, it’s none of my business. If I thought they were worth it, which they are not, I’d buy Nike’s. Nahhh.

Well, another “billionaire liberal activist” has entered the Presidential race and is telling us how to distribute our “wealth. Not his. Well I think that’s what he wants. He states his intended goal is focused on curbing the influence of corporations in politics. This guy is the elite’s elite. Starts being the son of an attorney, private early schooling, with Yale, Stanford Business School, Phi Beta Kappa, worked Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs and Hellman & Friedman before opening his own investment firm Farallon Capital. Business wise, this guy knows what to do with other people’s money to make himself money. He is replacing “nuke’em” Swalwell.

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