Just ‘Cause Motes

I’M ACTUALLY NOT AT ALL SHOCKED BY THIS:  Gun Control Lobbyist Arrested For Assault, Domestic Violence, and False Imprisonment. “Robert Blaisdell”, a lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown” gun control group, was arrested earlier in May on a whole host of charges in Queen City, New Hampshire. He was charged on domestic violence-related crimes of simple assault, false imprisonment, and criminal mischief.” But because he’s a lefty this is just getting the “local crime story” treatment from the media. But, but, he’s different.

Politicians don’t flip flop. They learn, evolve, and adjust their concepts. (wink wink wink)

Just because you’re good at one thing: Doesn’t mean you’re an expert on everything. Take Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. He  describes the gun control movement as his movement. He then claims that “over 90 percent of Americans want universal background checks,”. Where do they get these numbers? Well, they just make them up as they go. There is NOTHING in this world that 90% of Americans can agree on. This is part of a move which would criminalize a citizen for selling a revolver to his lifelong neighbor, unless that neighbor receives government permission via a background check. And this is in addition to the state registry, mandatory training, and proof of the complete system to lock the gun up safely where nobody, including you, can gain access in under 3 ½ hours. Hey Steve, stick to basketball

How come everyone, including Cher, when they want to pick on somebody, they always talk about Big Bubba ? People say Bubba like they say Cowboy, as in Regan was a cowboy. Like that’s a bad thing. Hell, Bubba’s a nice guy and being a cowboy is a good thing.

We have to say Aloha to Leon Redbone, age 69, or 127 as it says in his obit. He put out 16 albums in the old tin-pan alley style of music. Classic. He will be missed.

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