Motes To Consider


This is getting ridiculous? Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, announced  that his company may stop filming in Georgia because the newly passed “heartbeat bill” will make it too “difficult“(his words) for his crews to work there.  Netflix has threatened to stop filming .”… it will be very difficult to [continue to film there] and I doubt we will. I think many people who work for us will not want to work there and we’ll have to heed their wishes in that regard.” Why doesn’t he ask them? Shouldn’t be too hard, you write their checks. “I don’t see how it becomes practical for us to shoot there,” he reiterated. What’s filming in Georgia:? The Walking Dead, Marvel Super hero movies,The Hunger Games, and The Vampire Diaries. Now someone explain to me how those movies require liberal abortion laws.

I don’t see how it effects them. It’s a states rights thing first and foremost. How does an abortion ruling effect the filming of a movie, any movie. Movies can’t be made without an abortion? Those complaining are not allowed to vote in Georgia and they sure as hell shouldn’t be calling the shots when it comes to laws passed by the duly elected legislature of the state.

On the same thread: Hollywierd Hypocrite #1 ;For Alyssa Milano, it does appear to be the money. She announced that she will continue filming “Insatiable” in Georgia because she’s “contractually obligated” to the Netflix show, but she definitely thinks YOU should boycott Georgia. And trust me, after reading the descriptions and reviews, Insatiable sounds like an incredibly deep and moving piece of theatrics of which the bard would be proud. (Sarcasm intended)

The millennial’s seem to have a say about everything. Yet, studies show they aren’t having much sex anymore. Up to a third of young Americans report not having had sex in about a year. Many don’t report anger or even being ashamed about this. It’s just how we live now, loneliness as far as the eye can see. A year? At that age I started worrying if I went a week.

 U.K. police have arrested 30 Hells Angels bikers during a three-day event marking the motorcycle club’s 50th anniversary in Britain. Assistant Chief Constable Nev Kemp says authorities have been “very clear with those attending the Hells Angels event, many from overseas, that we will not tolerate criminal and anti-social behavior. ”             Let’s see, how many London stabbings – latest knife crime statistics and attacks 2018 was London’s bloodiest year in almost a decade as the number of homicides reached 135. How many were the Hells Angels involved in, none. But they are “anti-social”. But let’s not profile. Ah (bullshit) choo.

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