Motes of the Day

Aloha to Georgia Engel, who is mostly remembered for the “Mary Tyler Moore Show”. A graduate of the University of Hawaii , Manoa,  Performing Arts Department, she appeared extensively in tv comedies from 1972 through the 1980’s and was still performing as late as 2018. She was a bright shining ray of sunshine whenever she appeared.

Hypocrisy: The woman who verbally and physically assaulted KellyAnne Conway faces no penalty. Montgomery County Maryland prosecutor has dismissed all charges. After all, it was only a member of the Trump Administration.

There have been three suicides, in five days, at V.A. hospitals. These souls beg someone to pay some attention. I have known 7 vet’s that have committed outright suicide. And God only knows how many I have known that have used drugs and alcohol but died of “natural causes”. I think it’s time people paid attention. NOW

Further Hypocrisy: Nancy Pelosi entered politics in 1987. She claims her primary source of income is her “U.S. Congressional Salary”, $193,400 per year. We really need her to run the budget because after 30+ years of that salary, she is now worth between 57 and 72 million dollars. Girl knows how to save.

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