Days of Our Motes

Hollyweird Hypocrites; Rappers are getting butt hurt over Laura Ingram’s comments on murdered rapper Nipsey Hustle.( Is murder the #1 cause of rapper death?) Now, I’d never heard of him or his music, but I have read he was really giving back to his community. But the 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech allows her to say what she wants. Just as it covers Hustle’s lyrics :

“let this nigga win, we gon’ prolly feel broke
You build walls, we gon’ prolly dig holes
And if your ass do win, you gon’ prolly get smoked, nigga
Fuck you!”

Remember, make them play by their own rules.

The other day I wrote about a Maryland prosecutor dismissing charges. Well, there was “another” prison smuggling operation, in Maryland, busted. Payments were being made via PayPal. Nearly 200 people have been arrested. Just sayin’

There is a lot of talk about Rep. Tlaib. While running for office, she stated she was “incredibly blessed to be born here”. Now she says she “has never felt more Palestinian than I’ve felt in Congress”. This from a person born in Detroit? In fact, I everything I can find indicates she has never been to “Palestine”. But she feels free to lecture others on “identity politics”. Hey, did you know she has a “law degree” but has never practiced  law?

If you’re not watching “The Orville” you are missing some of the best television being written and performed today.

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